Milky Bun: Want some ice cream with that bread?

Imagine eating two of the most filling guilty pleasures put together. It’s gooey, it’s creamy, it’s doughy. Meet the “Milky Bun.” What is it? Ice cream. Inside of a bun. One Fat Frog has had its share of interesting food and ice cream tastings, but this is something we haven’t yet tried. I can’t decide… Read More


2 day only used sale Thursday and Friday, Nov. 21 & 22, 2013 ONLY CASH no dicker, crazy, lowest pricing BRAND NEW MASTERBILT ICE CREAM DIPPING CABINET, 66″ 12 TUB, $2900 first come in to the Frog at 2416 West Sand Lake Road, Orlando, Florida 32809  LOOKING FOR GREAT PRICING?  YOU ARE NOT GOING TO… Read More

Blowout Sale on Ice Cream Parlor Equipment!

Summer is tightening its sweaty grip around us all, which can only mean one thing: cold, cold ice cream. The mighty ice cream never goes out of style in Florida, but during the overbearing summer days you’ll find patrons lining up around the block, ready to shill out for a cone or cup of the… Read More

The Ultimate Battle: Ice Cream Vs. Gelato

I would open this post with a “I scream, you scream” joke, but that’d be far too predictable. So let’s just cut to the chase: we all love ice cream. Or at least some version of it, whether it be frozen yogurt, or whatever other versions there are (I don’t know that many). But I… Read More

Used Ice Cream Prep Table

Very nice used ice cream prep table for sale now! One Fat Frog • 11473 S. Orange Blossom Trail • Orlando, FL • 407-480-3409 One Fat Frog • 1137 W. Airport Blvd. • Sanford, FL • 407-936-2733!/onefatfrog