We Don’t Just Refurbish Restaurant Equipment, We Make Sweet Love To It

It’s true. Not only does the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment staff of in-house technicians clean, refurbish, and test all of the used commercial restaurant equipment that comes into the warehouse, but they also make sweet, sweet love to it. Sweet love is the only kind of love our technicians know how to deliver. What… Read More

People Travel From All Over U.S. to Shop at One Fat Frog!

If you sell high-quality used restaurant equipment and furniture, they will come. Just yesterday some people came down from Alabama just to shop at the mighty mighty One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment! They left with a good chunk of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment’s restaurant chairs, but there are still plenty to choose from –… Read More

Hari-Kari kinda day

So it’s just been one of those days.  I told Mr. IT Guy maybe I would just take a little break and commit Hari Kari.  He did not know what it was, so for his edification: Hari kari, also known as sepuku, is an ancient form of ritual suicide that defeated samurai, or those whose… Read More

The long awaited post… Mr. IT Guy’s cubicle

Mr. IT Guy is hoarding in the workplace. Read more of the satire and humor of the real Mr. It Guy at our website: http://www.restaurantequipmenttogo.com Read More

Mr. IT GUY is famous

Mr. IT GUY is famous… and the boss encourages him to “rise up” Read More