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Mortuary, funeral home equipment for sale via One Fat Frog The Informational Guide is a quick fact sheet on purchasing a new cooler for your mortuary or funeral home setting posted courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. This can be used with human or pet remains. This quick FAQ informational guide is on Mortuary & Funeral Home Coolers and Refrigeration and freezers for sale. Call the ONE FAT FROG HOTLINE 1 (866) 823-9818 or

Common refrigeration units sold to funeral homes and mortuaries are the stacking shelf models where human corpses can be stacked 2 to five bodies high depending on the model These units can hold anywhere from 2 to 5 bodies for the common mortuary cooler. This cooler is sized 36″ by 7 feet 8 inches high by 6 feet high (if you choose the 5 body model).

We also commonly sell a walk in cooler to funeral homes that is 8 foot by 10 foot.

YOUR custom size can be easily accommodated at a greatly discounted price. We can have this shipped to your door- nationwide and international freight no problem!

You may also refer to these units by other common names such as: mortuary cabinets, body storage cabinets, or refrigerators for preserving corpses. These are also commonly used in hospitals, crematoriums and morgues. One Fat Frog can build a custom cooler to suit your facility needs on an affordable price point. Call our toll-free ONE FAT FROG HOTLINE 1 (866) 823-9818
These units are common sizes used by mortuaries and can be affordably purchased through One Fat Frog. See our specials for further information on these mortuary coolers.

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Morgue Cooler deep discount- best prices

mortuary coolers for sale for your funeral home- is it time to replace your unit? Call the experts at One Fat Frog- we deliver nationwide. excellent pricing and fair deals to fit your budget. We are a women owned business which also helps for bid spec work if you are opening a new retirement home or facility- call us a toll free at 1 (866) 823-9818 Read More

discount walk in coolers

looking for an affordable walk-in cooler. We offer several lines of walk-in coolers from highest quality to entry level equipment. We have over 20years experience in commercial industrial walk in settings. Looking to buy a cooler or freezer for a school, preschool or daycare? Give us a call. We can also outfit hotels, motels, catering, food service, restaurant, bar, mortuaries & funeral homes. We also do floral coolers.

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