Restaurant Startup Tip: Buy used restaurant equipment

The Frog is back with another restaurant startup tip. This one should come as second nature for those happy entrepreneurs who have known and come to love the Frog: buy used restaurant equipment. Why buy used? It can save you as much as 60 percent if you buy used instead of new. At One Fat… Read More

Buying Guide: Fryers

There are lots of great restaurants and bars out there that know their way around fried food. Fried food is practically an American tradition, although I don’t know if it originated in America….doesn’t matter, we do it well. Whether it’s something simple like french fries or onion rings or something fancy like calamari, the fryer… Read More

You Fried What?!

If fried food ever enters your mind, chances are you think fried chicken, french fries, maybe calamari, but there are people across the country who have found crazy things to drop in a fryer. And, believe it or not, they often end up delicious. Here’s a quick list of crazy ideas of what to drop… Read More