Five Movies for Foodies

It’s kind of a shame these days that food (in general) don’t get enough recognition in movies. Too often, they’re used as cannon fodder for 15-second or 30-second commercial spots. But not all hope is lost, however, as there are five (good, seriously good) movies that are out there to make you salivate, make your… Read More

Commercial Kitchen Finance/ Lease Programs

Do you own or are you looking to start a food and beverage concept?  Coffeeshop?  Bar?  Bowling Alley?  Roller rink?  Petting zoo?  Church coffee shop? daycare kitchen?  One Fat Frog Restaurant equipment has a lot of ways to purchase your equipment.  Whether you’re purchasing with cold hard cash, certified funds, credit cards, debit, payment plan… Read More

Jim Webster working on book with Mario Batali

Jim Webster, who works for the Washington Post,  is working on a cookbook with chef and TV personality Mario Batali. Webster met the famed chef in 2008 when his Pig-Wrapped Pig-Stuffed Pig won Batali’s Ultimate Grilling Challenge. Part of his winnings was the opportunity to cook with Batali and Rachael Ray at a tailgate party… Read More