Local Spotlight: 2nd Sun Vegan

It’s no secret that Food Trucks have re-defined the conventional dining out experience, making casual diners into adventurous foodies across the nation. But these chefs on wheels have also paved the way for making alternative and delicious cuisine more accessible to the masses. Brandon Mead, who started 2nd Sun Vegan  (a mobile vegan yum truck)  took… Read More

In My Belly Food Bus Rolls Through

Here’s one of our clients that rolled through One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment over the weekend. Talk about an eye-catching vehicle! The name of the food truck bus is In My Belly and be sure to keep watch for them dominating a street near you. And if you’re in the market for some used food… Read More

Food Truck Start Up: Walk Yourself Through the Customer Experience

As a food truck owner, you only spend a few minutes with each customer. Unlike a brick and mortar location where you would have a more intimate relationship with your customers and the ability to approach them and ask how their experience was, at food trucks you only see them when they’re ordering and walking… Read More

Food Truck 101: Self-Inspecting Your Truck

Before the local health department performs a surprise inspection of your food truck, it’s essential that you and your employees prepare for it be performing a self-inspection every month. When performing these mock inspections, take on the role of the inspector and have an employee take your role so your staff will know what will… Read More

“Great American Food Truck and Music Festival” Planned for Orlando

The Daily City reports that Bob Snow, the man behind the original Church St. Station, could be developing “The Great American Food Truck and Music Festival” for Orlando. A meeting was held with local food truck owners on January 2 to talk about this project. The plans call for 20 permanent food truck slots, “hand-picked”… Read More

Start Up: Creating a Food Truck Cleaning Checklist

Just like cleaning a brick and mortar restaurant, there is a science and art to cleaning your food truck. Some cleaning tasks need to be done daily, some hourly, and some monthly – and One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is here to help you get organized. While each food truck will require different tasks depending… Read More

Start Up: Food Truck Menu Tips

Previously we looked at some important things to keep in mind while developing your food truck’s menu: concept, competition, and originality. Now we’re back with a few additional tips that can help you boost your menu’s vitality even further. Be sure that your menu items are not difficult to prepare. There are not tables, no… Read More

Start Up: Competition in the Food Truck Business

Just like running an actual brick and mortar restaurant, economic competition is fierce in the food truck business. Commonly, it’s a friendly competition in which food truck owners frequently collaborate on events. Since food trucks can constantly move to wherever the hungry masses may be, brick and mortar restaurants oftentimes see  food trucks as having… Read More

The Food Truck Bazaar Hits the Fashion Square Mall!

There’s going to be a BIG Food Truck Bazaar on Sunday, May 20, from 5:00pm – 8:00pm – behind the Fashion Square Mall in Orlando, FL. Trucks attending the event are The Crepe Company, Twisted Cuban, Korean BBQ Taco Box, Melissa’s Chicken and Waffles, Crooked Spoon, Monsta Lobsta, Cafe Rouge, Treehouse Truck, C&S Brisket Bus,… Read More

Marky Ramone Has a Food Truck!

Marky Ramone, drummer of the legendary punk band The Ramones, is now in the food truck business! On the side of the truck it says “More Balls Than Most,” which describes the menu. Marky Ramone’s Cruisin Kitchen serves 4 different types of meatballs: Italian (beef), Asian (pork), American (turkey) and Mexican (chorizo) meatballs. Each one… Read More

Used Food Truck Equipment on the Cheap!

The amount of food trucks in service right now is staggering and growing every day. With all of the competition out there, it’s important that you make sure your food truck is equipped with reliable, versatile equipment – no matter what kind of food you are serving to the masses. Whether you are serving soul… Read More

Used Food Truck Equipment & Financing Available!

Food trucks are ridiculously hot right now. They’re the biggest thing to happen to the foodservice industry since plates. If you’ve been thinking about starting up your own food truck, or are already zooming around town feeding the masses, come into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment and check out the selection of used food truck… Read More

Tips for Starting Up a Food Truck

Food trucks are more popular than ever – with more and more popping up around towns all over the U.S. every day. Most cities, Orlando included, host food truck bazaars and festivals in which a fleet of food trucks group in a single area to create a unique, mobile food festival. Food trucks come in… Read More

Panel Discussion on Starting a Food Truck

On March 20, 2012 at the Orlando Public Library, a panel discussion was held on the ins-and-outs of starting up a food truck. The panel was moderated by Mark Baratelli, creator of the Food Truck Bazaar and featured several of Orlandos top gourmet food truck owners including the Yum Yum Cupcake Truck, Mamma’s Fixins, KBurgers,… Read More

The Taco Slapper Food Truck Is Here

This is probably my favorite food truck name in Orlando. Taco Slapper dishes out Tex-Mex cuisine with a refined menu and huge portions. Here’s a look at their righteous menu: 8” SLAPPER TACO Choose from a big hard shell or a soft flour tortilla. Loaded with cheese, beer brazed chicken or seasoned ground beef with ALL THE… Read More

Orlando Food Truck Seminar; Food Truck Equipment

On Tuesday, February 21, 2012 from 5:30 to 8:30pm a seminar is being held in Orlando all about the ins and outs of the food truck industry. Guest speaker Bonnie Lease will be there, talking about how food trucks operate and what is required when organizing one truck or dozens. Lease will also be discussing… Read More

A Visit From Some GA Friends

People come from all around to save at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. Take yesterday for example. Around noon, a group of four gents came in all the ways from Georgia – that’s a good six hour drive one way! They had awesome accents and talked to me about a food truck they’re going to… Read More

Equipment for Food Trucks

Food trucks are more popular than ever so if you’ve been thinking about starting your own, now is definitely the time! The layout of your food truck is very very important – you have to make sure to leave room for cooking, chilling, storing, and serving. When you’re working in such a tight spot, every… Read More

Upcoming Food Truck Bazaars

Several food truck bazaars sponsored by TheDailyCity.com are coming up! 2,000+ people gather once a month in Orlando, Oviedo, Lake Nona and occasionally Avalon Park for the original Central Florida food truck gathering: TheDailyCity.com Food Truck Bazaar! This event was created by Mark Baratelli in March of 2011 as a way to celebrate Orlando’s growing food truck… Read More

A Menu Expert Discusses the Food Trucks, Comfort, & Authenticity

At the Menu Trends & Directions Conference held last week in Dallas, menu expert Nancy Kruse discussed innovation and three related items steering the contemporary restaurant business: food trucks, authenticity, and comfort. Kruse explained that innovation can be broken into three camps: creative comfort that feeds slower evolutionary menu innovation, food trucks that fuel disruptive… Read More