10 Myths About the Food Truck Business

The food truck business is much like any other industry – meaning it has its share of success stories and failures. That being said, it’s best to get into the food truck business with realistic expectations. Before deciding on a career in the food truck industry, let One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment put out there… Read More

The Big Red Food Bus Rolled Into One Fat Frog

Here are some shots of one of our favorite food truck clients – well, food bus to be more exact. He rolled into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment yesterday to pick up some more equipment. Check out the interior shot featuring some choice equipment, including an APW Wyott 2-burner hot plate and an Imperial Elite… Read More

Start Up: Food Truck Menu Tips

Previously we looked at some important things to keep in mind while developing your food truck’s menu: concept, competition, and originality. Now we’re back with a few additional tips that can help you boost your menu’s vitality even further. Be sure that your menu items are not difficult to prepare. There are not tables, no… Read More