Eaten Anything Weird? There’s an App for That.

There is nothing more fun than discovering something unique out there in cyber space and how you can use your smart phone to find all sorts of odd unique things. So if you have a taste for the exotic and need to know where you can get something different, well, just like everything else in… Read More

Food Truck Start Up Considerations

One Fat Frog is here to help with all your used food service equipment needs, from a major commercial kitchen to the smallest food truck. With the expansion of food truck services in the area, however, we thought we’d take some time to look at considerations that any aspiring start-up food truck operator should look… Read More

Food Truck Start Up: Planning Your Grand Opening

Making a first impression in the mobile food industry is incredibly important. And just like an actor who rehearses before the opening night of a production, you should run through all of your food truck’s operations before holding a grand opening. A grand opening event is a great way to establish your food truck as… Read More

Food Truck Start Up: “Understanding” and “Knowing” Your Patrons

When talking to your customers and following up on their feedback, it’s crucial to fully understand their criticism concerning your food truck. You need to understand your customers to fully comprehend their needs in order turn them into repeat, loyal patrons. There is a difference between “knowing” and “understanding” your clients and both actions are… Read More

Food Truck Start Up: Expanding Your Empire

Your food truck business is a success. You’re constantly being asked to bring your food truck to more areas around the city, but you can’t be in two spots at once. Or three or four. While it’s always good to be accepted and wanted around the city, the problem is this kind of demand requires… Read More

Food Truck Start Up: Choosing the Right Mechanic

Finding a reliable automotive repair service shop or mechanic is just as crucial as filling your food truck with reliable kitchen equipment. Your local area most likely boasts several options for mechanics or shops, so you have to locate the proper one for you. Doing so depends on several variables, which we’ll look at now,… Read More

Food Truck Start Up: Pros and Cons of Joining a Franchise

Many aspiring food truck owners have absolutely no business background. There’s no shame in that. Therefore, buying into an existing food truck franchise is always a viable option that presents its share of pros and cons. When you buy into a food truck franchise, some great benefits are that you’ve already got your menu items,… Read More

Food Truck Start Up: Creating Financial Projections

Putting together financial projections for your food truck business is a crucial science. It’s also a difficult task, seeing as how investors are going to want to see hard numbers reflecting several years down the road. Projections are absolutely essential for your business plan, especially if you are seeking out a bank loan. In this… Read More

Food Truck Start Up: Start-Up Costs

Throughout your food truck’s life, you’re going to encounter financial hurdles that require funding. Here’s a look at the funding types for the different stages of your food truck, courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment: • SEED CAPITAL: this is the money you need if your initial research and planning for the food truck… Read More

Food Truck Start Up: Commercial Kitchen Options

Food truck owners need to find a commercial kitchen to prepare their food in. Depending on your location, finding an appropriate kitchen can be difficult. As food trucks become more popular, you may discover that all of the commercial kitchens are taken up or that the available ones don’t meet your requirements. Don’t get discouraged… Read More

Food Truck Guide: Gathering and Analyzing Customer Feedback

One of the simplest and most useful ways to evaluate your food truck business is to request and follow-up on customer feedback. Your customers are always the best judge of whether you’re delivering a great experience or a crummy one. And honestly, most people like when you ask for their opinion, and it’s these opinions… Read More

Food Truck Guide: Using Key Performance Indicators

In the food truck business, just like in any other business, you need to measure different aspects of your business to measure what’s improving and what isn’t. Checking the numbers accurately and regularly will tell you what’s working and will remove all the pesky guesswork from your operation. Finding problems quickly and taking corrective action… Read More

Food Truck Start Up: Calculating Food Cost

Determining and monitoring your inventory level is crucial to save yourself from theft and loss of profits. it’s also key to making sure you’re stocked with the appropriate amount of inventory. The easiest way to determine whether you are or not is to calculate the “number of days” of inventory. This number shows you how… Read More

Start Up: Food Truck Research

When making your food truck battle plan there are a bevy of items you need to research to ensure you dominate the streets. It’s essential to research  the nature of your competition and consumers in order to be successful. Knowing your competition will give you the competitive advantage and the ability to recognize what works… Read More