UCF vs Winter Park: Price Points

I’m a Frog that attends the University of Central Florida but I live in Winter Park. I literally get the best of both worlds. Both areas offer different and unique experiences. The price points for both areas are on opposite sides of the spectrum. Generally Winter Park caters to a more affluent clientele while UCF… Read More

Start Up: Do You Need a Kids Menu?

In many situations, a kids menu can be a beautiful addition to your restaurant But, how essential is it for you to have a kids menu? Some places need one and some places just don’t. When’s the last time you saw a kids menu at a strip club? Okay, maybe that’s a wee bit inappropriate… Read More

Restaurant Equipment and Food Truck Financing

Don’t worry about ever having to make this face my friend, the Frog finances 365 days a year! It’s financing heaven up in One Fat Frog. Come in today! We have options for good and bad credit 🙂 2416 sand lake road, orlando fl, 32809 407-480-3409

Quarter Life Crisis at the Frog

One of our One Fat Frog employees is turning 25 in a couple of weeks and her quarter life crisis has quickly begun to ensue. I have been bombarded by texts from the frog who shall remain nameless, as she wearily approaches the big TWO FIVE (25). My favorite thing is probably when she begins… Read More

Golden Globes 2015 Winners

Did everyone tune into the Golden Globes last night? Tina Fey and Amy Poehler killed it as usual. There is nothing better than that magnificent duo. This was the first year I didn’t finish the show. I fell asleep at 10:30pm before they had announced best motion picture. But come on, is it really necessary for… Read More

5 Celebrities Who Own Restaurant Chains/Franchises

1. Shaquille O’Neal – Auntie Anne’s Yes my good people of Frogville, Shaq owns over a dozen Auntie Anne’s around the ole US of A. If owning not one, but 17 Auntie Anne’s isn’t a dream come true, I just don’t know what is. You can find these gems located in New York and Michigan.… Read More

Start Up: How to Effectively Appeal to Your Target Audience

In whatever business venture you decide to take on, there is one essential thing that must be done well. The key to generating a sizable profit (or moola for my simple peeps out there), lies in effectively reaching and appealing to your target audience. Seems pretty simple right? No! I’ve seen too many good businesses… Read More

Restaurant Equipment and Food Truck Financing

I know financing has always been such a hassle for most people in the past. Tons of paperwork, shifty agents, and just an utter and total bore in general. One Fat Frog is here to prove to you getting financed is easy, simple and pain free. Our credit application is only one page and takes… Read More

Food Truck Tip: Plan Ahead for a Year’s Worth of Capital

When it comes to starting up a food truck, many folks make a common mistake that can devastate a person’s finances and throw their budget into a whirlwind of doom of gloom. That mistake is entering the business with only enough capital to open the service window but not enough to sustain themselves during the… Read More

Financing for Start Up & Existing Food Trucks

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has got the used food truck equipment you need to keep your wheels spinning and the hungry masses satisfied. No matter what kind of food you’re dishing out, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has got the used commercial equipment you’ll need to keep everything running smoothly and the lines around… Read More

Used Food Truck Equipment & Financing Available!

Food trucks are ridiculously hot right now. They’re the biggest thing to happen to the foodservice industry since plates. If you’ve been thinking about starting up your own food truck, or are already zooming around town feeding the masses, come into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment and check out the selection of used food truck… Read More