Start Up: Food Truck Financial Guidelines

Last week One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment looked at how to forecast the expenses for your food truck. We hope we helped you with this task in starting up your food truck and we hope we changed a few lives along the way. Creating financial projections for your food truck is an art and a… Read More

Start Up: Forecasting Food Truck Expenses

Once you’ve got your menu fine-tuned, it’s a smart idea to sit down and forecast your expenses – and One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has got some helpful tips for you. Try to be more accurate than a weatherman’s forecast. There are a bevy of expenses that come with running a food truck to always… Read More

Start Up: Developing Your Food Truck Menu

Developing a successful menu for your food truck is going to be the difference between street domination and losing the air in your tires. Your menu items will do more than keep your patrons stuffed and happy. Menu items will also help promote your business, help you stand out from the competition, and keep your… Read More

Start Up: Food Truck Research

When making your food truck battle plan there are a bevy of items you need to research to ensure you dominate the streets. It’s essential to research¬† the nature of your competition and consumers in order to be successful. Knowing your competition will give you the competitive advantage and the ability to recognize what works… Read More

Start Up: Competition in the Food Truck Business

Just like running an actual brick and mortar restaurant, economic competition is fierce in the food truck business. Commonly, it’s a friendly competition in which food truck owners frequently collaborate on events. Since food trucks can constantly move to wherever the hungry masses may be, brick and mortar restaurants oftentimes see¬† food trucks as having… Read More

Food Trucks Are Not Allowed in Clearwater :(

Bad news for foodies in Clearwater, FL. According to the Daily City (the curators of the successful Central Florida Food Truck Bazaars), the mayor of Clearwater refuses to change city laws that prohibit food trucks. He states that he’s not interested in opening up Clearwater to food trucks because he would like to see the… Read More

MIllion Dollar Food Truck Ideas

Nothing in the foodservice world is more popular right now than food trucks. But standing out amongst the throngs of food trucks in your city can be difficult. That’s why you’ve got to have a name that stands-out and says EAT ME. Maybe not that exactly, but you get the idea. Above is an actual… Read More

Use Your Tax Return to Open Your Own Bar, Bakery, Food Truck, etc.!

Isn’t it time you became your own boss? Make that tax return work for you and open your own restaurant, bar, food truck, bakery, cupcakery, etc. today! One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment wants to help! One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment offers an easy financing program that will help you stretch your tax return to the… Read More

A Visit From Some GA Friends

People come from all around to save at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. Take yesterday for example. Around noon, a group of four gents came in all the ways from Georgia – that’s a good six hour drive one way! They had awesome accents and talked to me about a food truck they’re going to… Read More

Upgrade Your Food Truck’s Equipment Today!

When you’re working in a food truck, you don’t have a lot of room to work with. You have to learn how to make the best use of the space you do have – find a way to keep up with customer demand, health codes, both in a very tight space. One great way to… Read More