ALLERGIES: Is there Latex on the Menu? Cross Contamination

At The Frog, we have come across a number of  frequent restaurant goers about the growing concern of Latex allergies and how it affects their dining experience. There is much to consider when opening a restaurant:  whether you are a popular pizzeria, food truck, or bakery, the lifeline of any food concept is the customer.  And… Read More

Keep your food and restaurant clean

Here at One Fat Frog, we know just how important cleanliness is. We have our technicians clean and perform diagnostic tests before the equipment goes out to our customers. Whether we’re riccing or just goofing around with the equipment on a slow day, One Fat Frog makes sure to remain safe and hygenic. As a… Read More

Restaurant Startup Tip: Keep sick employees away from your kitchen

One Fat Frog is very concerned with proper food safety. In part it’s because of our great respect for the food service industry. In part it’s because we eat out at restaurants, too, so we want to make sure we’re eating safe food. That’s why we host ServSafe classes right here at the One Fat… Read More

Restaurant Startup Tip: Avoid Cross Contamination

Here is another important food safety tip from One Fat Frog. As you know, the Frog is big into food safety, partly because we’ll probably eat at your restaurant at some point so we want to protect our own immune systems. Today’s food safety tip is all about avoiding cross contamination. The key to remember… Read More

Restaurant Startup Tip: Personal Hygiene

One Fat Frog is serious about food safety, because nothing ruins a restaurant experience quite like food poisoning. That’s why we hold ServSafe classes right here at the One Fat Frog office, to make it as easy as possible for our restaurant-owning friends to get certified and produce meals that are both delicious and safe.… Read More

Don’t be so quick to toss out expired food

Time’s website today posted a fascinating story about food safety. We at One Fat Frog take that very seriously. We are in the business of selling equipment but we care about the total experience of a business to a customer. According to the story, more than 90 percent of Americans throw out food prematurely, and… Read More

Start Up: Food Safety Outside of the Kitchen

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has talked extensively before about food safety in the kitchen and how to avoid dreaded cross contamination. Now we’re going to discuss how to monitor food safety outside of the kitchen. Food safety doesn’t just stop once a dish has made its way to the front of house. Your FOH… Read More

HOLIDAY FOOD GUIDE: Avoiding Cross-Contamination

During Thanksgiving kitchen domination 2012, you’re probably going to have a lot of different food being cooked and prep at the same time. A busy kitchen like that is a battleground for cross-contamination. This is when bacteria from one food is transferred to another food item. It’s gross and can get people seriously ill –… Read More

HOLIDAY FOOD GUIDE: Leftover Shelf Life

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment hopes you have a great one. Chances are, after the relatives leave and the dishes are piled up to the moon, you’re going to be left with leftovers. No problem here – this gives you easy dinners and lunches for like three months. But you’ve gotta… Read More

HOLIDAY FOOD GUIDE: Safely Cooking Your Turkey & Stuffing

Cooking a Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey is a bit more complicated than throwing it in the oven and turning the dial. Different sizes require different cooking times and if you don’t hit that proper internal temperature, it’s lights out for your digestive system. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is here to help you with some… Read More

HOLIDAY FOOD GUIDE: Storing and Thawing a Turkey

The holidays crept up fast, didn’t they? I’m still coming down from Halloween, for Pete’s sake, and now it’s time to buy a turkey, send out Christmas cards, and stock up on spiked eggnog. Consuming a boatload of turkey is one of the most satisfying aspects of this time of year, but there are some… Read More

Some Holiday Food Preparation Tips From the Frog

A lot of people are going to be preparing food over the next two days to serve to family and friends – or if you’re One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, those in need. It’s how we entertain and give thanks for our many blessings thw whole year round. The Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association (FRLA)has… Read More