Slicers, Slicers and Some More Slicers

Here at one fat frog, we find it imperative that there is never a shortage of slicers in stock. Why do we like slicers so much you ask? Well my friend, it seems you may already know the answer to the question. When you go to Publix or your neighborhood grocery store and get you’re… Read More

Whole Lotta Used Restaurant Equipment Comin’ In

Holy smokes. Every week One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment gets a few truckloads of used restaurant equipment from various points in the Sunshine State – but when Google Girl told me five truckloads would be coming in this week my head did a full Exorcist spin. The One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment warehouse in Orlando… Read More

Our Finance Manager Gets Prison Chic

Everyone needs a good barber in their life, even the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment in-house finance manager. Unfortunately, the last barber he went to cut a little shorter than he asked for – resulting in a style one of our other employees deemed a “prison hair cut.” I like to see it more as… Read More

Our “Over the Top” Inventory

One of our suppliers sent us this binder with a pretty fantastic cover image depicting frog total world domination. As the supplier put it, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment really does have an over the top inventory of used commercial restaurant equipment. Everything you need to run a strong, dynamic restaurant including used range ovens,… Read More

People Travel From All Over U.S. to Shop at One Fat Frog!

If you sell high-quality used restaurant equipment and furniture, they will come. Just yesterday some people came down from Alabama just to shop at the mighty mighty One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment! They left with a good chunk of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment’s restaurant chairs, but there are still plenty to choose from –… Read More

Hobart Brand Mentioned in a Strange New Sci-Fi Novel

Hello there, tadpoles. Four Eyed Frog here. I started reading a book this week (yes, I read, a lot) called “Blueprints of the Afterlife,” a novel by Ryan Boudinot. It’s a fantastic work of speculative fiction in which you can download apps for your immune system, the government pays people to stay obese so they… Read More

BurgerFi Coming to Central Florida!

Good news for fans of healthy eating and burgers in Orlando, the North Palm Beach-based gourmet burger joint BurgerFi is planning on opening one of their eco-friendly restaurants that serve up locally sourced and natural burgers, hot dogs, fries, onion rings, and home-made frozen custard, along with crafted beers and wine. BurgerFi International LLC is… Read More

Bakery-Cafe, Fast Casual, and Convenience Store Trends for 2012

Coffee continues to drive sales at bakery-cafes, with 66 percent of survey respondents saying their have at least one cup of coffee a day. Demand for coffee remains strong among drinkers ages 45 and older, but the segment also grows among younger consumers, many of whom are looking for sweetened drinks – 40 percent of… Read More

Keep that Rotisserie Clean!

Rotisseries are a super efficient way to batch cook some of your most popular food items, but, like with any piece of restaurant equipment in your kitchen, they’re only as efficient as your daily maintenance routine. Some rotisseries have self-cleaning modes that only require you to push a button. but on the more tradition gas… Read More

Fresh Equipment Just Arrived At One Fat Frog!

Ahoy there, friends of the Frog! A grip of fresh, used restaurant equipment just arrived at the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment warehouse in Orlando. The slinging of restaurant equipment never stops, so if you see something you’re in need of in the list below, be sure to come into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment… Read More

Financing No Matter What Shape Your Credit Is In!

Looking to upgrade your existing restaurant equipment but don’t want to break the bank? Then come into One Fat Frog of Orlando – we can get you financing for all of the restaurant equipment you need. Even if your credit isn’t in the hottest shape, we can get you approved. We’re the only equipment dealer… Read More

Ballad of the Pink Fridge

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment offers a variety of complimentary services as our way of saying “Thanks” for shopping with us. Every Thursday we make free delivery runs to different parts of the state. All of One Fat Frog restaurant Equipment’s stock of used commercial restaurant equipment come with a 30 day parts and labor… Read More

One Mother’s War on Fast-Food Playgrounds

In recent years, fast food chains have been persecuted for what goes into their kids’ meals. Now the fire has spread to their playgrounds. Developmental psychologist Erin Carr-Jordan visited more than 50 fast food playgrounds and investigated their condition. Carr-Jordan discovered sticky surfaces, filmy windows, broken equipment, food, and hair trapped in compartments, garbage, and… Read More

We Offer Free Gas Conversion!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment offers several complimentary services that the competition never will: free delivery, 30 day parts and labor warranty on all used commercial restaurant equipment, free custom paint jobs, and, last but certainly not least, free gas conversion! One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment can convert any of the used commercial restaurant equipment… Read More

A Big THANK YOU to Those Road Warriors Who Visit the Frog!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment of Orlando is, to put it simply, worth the drive. Clients have traveled from all over the nation to visit our warehouse. Since I’ve been with the Frog, people have traveled from NYC, SC, NC, and GA to shop. Yesterday, folks drove down from Jacksonville, FL and Savannah, GA to… Read More

What’s Inside a Baker’s Pride Convection Oven?

This morning, a couple from South Florida came into the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Super Mega Warehouse of Orlando looking for a half-sized, counter top convection oven. Unfortunately, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment had just sold the last one we had last week. Boss Frog showed them some other option, includes this gorgeous Baker’s… Read More

Some Holiday Food Preparation Tips From the Frog

A lot of people are going to be preparing food over the next two days to serve to family and friends – or if you’re One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, those in need. It’s how we entertain and give thanks for our many blessings thw whole year round. The Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association (FRLA)has… Read More