One Fat Frog End of the Year Sale

One Fat Frog has just begun our end of the year sale!  This means all used equipment is on sale! That’s right, I said ALL used equipment. We are gearing up to get in a bunch of equipment in the new year, and we need to sell our current inventory to make room for new… Read More

Don’t Try To Sneak Into Your Schools Kitchen

At Orientation today, I tried to sneak into the cafeterias kitchen just to take a peek around. It was an unsuccessful quest. I had almost made it in when I was greeted by an older woman in a hair net. She started yelling at me in a language I’ve never head. You see, when you… Read More

Trendy Burger Trend for 2013: BISON

There’s a new trend creeping into the burger business in 2013 and it’s bigger than a lamb, and harrier than cattle. It’s bison. Experts are predicting that bison burgers will overtake lamb as the new, trendy burger protein. reports that bison burgers are appearing on high-end burger restaurant menus and that this trend will… Read More