Hot Wheels Food Truck

OMGosh. You guys. I’m addicted! We’ve already talked about how I love Food Trucks. I might have talked about it twice. But I’ve reached a new low. Last night, I was checking out the glass merchandisers at 7-Eleven, picking up a few waters, I turned around, and I heard angels singing. Seriously. It might have… Read More

Finance Your Dream with One Fat Frog

In case you didn’t know, One Fat Frog is in the business of making dreams come true.  Now you may ask, “Hold up, are you telling me that One Fat Frog can fulfill my dream of catching a Tim Tebow-thrown Super Bowl winning touchdown on the surface of the moon?!” No.  Don’t be crazy.  Although… Read More

The Kegerator: The Greatest Thing I Owned In College

My college years were some of the best years of my life.  Besides class, most of my days were spent on my friend’s couch playing Halo, while my nights consisted of going out to bars and movies- followed by the obligatory 2am trip to Taco Bell.  I had little responsibility, few commitments and a disposable… Read More

Wake Up and Smell the Popcorn: 5 Rules for Going to the Movies

We here at One Fat Frog love a good movie.  We’d love them even more if we could enjoy them with as little distraction as possible.  Nowadays, it seems like people have lost all sense of manners and public etiquette. I can’t remember the last movie I went to where a cell phone didn’t go… Read More

New shipments arrive at One Fat Frog

If you’ve been dreaming about opening up your own restaurant, bar, pizzeria, cafe, etc., then wake up and head into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment at our location at 2416 Sand Lake Road. We specialize in helping start up food service locations get all of the kitchen equipment they need for success. Let us help… Read More