Hot Wheels Food Truck

OMGosh. You guys. I’m addicted! We’ve already talked about how I love Food Trucks. I might have talked about it twice. But I’ve reached a new low. Last night, I was checking out the glass merchandisers at 7-Eleven, picking up a few waters, I turned around, and I heard angels singing. Seriously. It might have… Read More

Abbreviated inventory just in today, Saturday June 21

 We don’t let the weekend stop us from getting in trucks and buying equipment at the Frog.  This is just a fraction of equipment that comes in.  Here’s a sampling of Saturday, just in equipment new and used: double stack convection, Imperial, gas- free gas conversion double stack convection, Imperial, gas 5 well steam table… Read More

Rebuild your credit with the Frog

Rebuilding your credit can be a daunting task.  For whatever reason your credit may be bruised.  We’ve all been there- divorce, terminal illness, layoff, downsizing or economy turns and over extended on your mortgage… they’re all common things we hear day in and day out at the Frog.  There is absolutely no shame in coming… Read More

Finance & Lease Programs at One Fat Frog

June 18, 2013   Orlando, FL-  As a full-service food service dealership, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is dedicated to serving its customers.  Open 6 days a week, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment always has an in-house Finance Manager on staff for your Finance and Leasing needs.  Having skilled staff to work finance and lease deals… Read More

STARTUP Concept Businesses the Frog has opened, has equipment for & can finance

Here’s an abbreviated list of startup business concepts that One Fat Frog has assisted over the years.  This list is not all-This is equipment that we either have in stock or regularly provide at great pricing.  Restaurant: fast casual, quick serve, fine dining, private clubhouse, kiosk Grocery: convenience store, bodega, specialty grocery, meat market, health… Read More

Cash & Carry at the Frog- Memorial Day SALE

New to the Frog is an extensive floor selection of new and used food service, bar and restaurant equipment that is ready for same day pickup!  These pieces have been tested and may very well be plugged in when you come to the Frog.  There may be multiple pieces of equipment available for purchase.  As… Read More

Commercial Kitchen Finance/ Lease Programs

Do you own or are you looking to start a food and beverage concept?  Coffeeshop?  Bar?  Bowling Alley?  Roller rink?  Petting zoo?  Church coffee shop? daycare kitchen?  One Fat Frog Restaurant equipment has a lot of ways to purchase your equipment.  Whether you’re purchasing with cold hard cash, certified funds, credit cards, debit, payment plan… Read More

FAQ: Why you need a Renato oven

If you have walked through the One Fat Frog warehouse, you’ve probably noticed our Renato pizza oven. Why? For starters, because it’s a 6,000-pound behemoth and equipment of that magnitude is hard to overlook. Or maybe you noticed it because it’s one of the most stylish pieces of equipment that the Frog has – or… Read More

Restaurant Startup Tips: budgeting for your opening

One of the biggest mistakes that One Fat Frog sees from restaurant entrepreneurs is not properly budgeting for the restaurant opening. That’s why the Frog always shares the tip with our customers that we’re writing here. Sometimes restaurant entrepreneurs are so excited about opening a new restaurant that they sink all of their available money… Read More

Easy Finance & Lease Programs for new restaurants or existing food & beverage and other businesses

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is the only food service dealership in the nation offering commercial finance and lease programs through our in-house finance manager.  Our Finance Manager has years of experience in several industries getting clients the money they need to open their business or to improve and upgrade equipment. In a larger picture… Read More

Can I lease restaurant equipment with bad credit?

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment’s finance manager takes that question as a challenge.  At the Frog we pride ourselves in helping you get started.  While there are human limits to our ability to help you secure the financing you deserve, the Frog Finance Manager will work tirelessly to find you what you need.  Here are… Read More

Used Equipment just in HUGE LIST

At One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment we love you long time & we love used restaurant equipment.  Here’s a long list of used restaurant and commercial kitchen equipment that is new in our stock.  It all qualifies for our warranty and delivery freebies and of course you know your Frog Daddy can finance.  Just give… Read More

Finance & Lease Programs- Excellent Rates on new & used restaurant equipments- entire projects

One Fat Frog Food service and restaurant equipment has a wide variety of financing and leasing programs for your facility.  We have programs to work with anyone from startups to existing restaurants and all sorts of credit backgrounds.  At One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment our finance manager is excited to introduce some new Finance programs… Read More