Restaurant Worker Wins $1 Million in Georgia Lottery!

I don’t know who here at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment plays the lottery (I might if I feel extra squirrelly and have an extra buck in my pocket). But hey, don’t you wish this could happen to you? Or me? Wish it happens to me sometime, please. Diana Quiroz-Morales of Barrow County, Georgia, bought… Read More

Start Training for Eating Contests!

Hey, folks! It’s Professor Frog’s 200th post on One Fat Frog’s blog here! Not only do I hang out with people selling top quality used restaurant equipment, but I’ve put up 199 blog posts and this one is a big one! So, if I’m going to write about such a monumental accomplishments, I have to… Read More

FREE Slicer With Purchase of $5K Worth of Used Restaurant Equipment

At One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment you can get all of the used commercial restaurant equipment you need for a successful kitchen. That’s a fact. I’m pretty sure it’s in the Constitution somewhere. No matter what kind of restaurant you’re running, we’ve got the goods for both your hot and cold line. And everything is… Read More

More Used Restaurant Equipment Has Arrived!

A very nice assortment of used commercial restaurant equipment just arrived at the Orlando warehouse of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. They’re literally just off the trucks, assimilating themselves to their new environment. Here’s the lineup: Blodgett MT2136F Triple Stack Conveyor Oven Hobart Double Stack Convection Oven Perlick 48″ Bottle Cooler Bunn: Ultra 2 Gourmet… Read More

Why People Come to One Fat Frog…

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment sealed a deal with clients who had shopped around before settling on us. They did manage to get quoted out less than us at a competitor – a truly rare event. The equipment package included a 6-burner range, fryer, dough sheeter, bakery case, 20qt mixer, 2-door cooler, 24″ flat griddle,… Read More

Promoting Your Bar with Promotions

So you’ve worked hard to get your bar started. You spent money on your concept, your location, your equipment (far less than you would have because you came to us first), and now you’ve got to get people in the door. Well, there’s lots of ways to do that, from using Facebook, buying newspaper ads,… Read More

Set Your Table Right!

You’d think that setting the table wouldn’t that difficult of a task, but often times, when I hear my friends complain about a poor dining experience, it often has as much to do with not getting very simple basic things at the table as it does with the quality of the food and service. Think… Read More

Restaurant Startup: The Emotional Connection

We’ve all been there. We’re standing in line at a certain fast food chain known for a funny clown (you know what I’m talking about), and you turn to look at the play place where kids are laughing and smiling. At that moment, you smile as well. Why is that? Because chances are you were… Read More

Even More Truckloads of Restaurant Equipment on the Way!

Brace yourselves, yet another truckload of high quality used restaurant equipment is coming into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. We’re rolling in a ton of equipment for both hot and cold lines. Like with any shipment of goodies, these items certainly won’t last long (some of them will be sold before they even get off… Read More

Restaurant Equipment Blowout Specials: FREE iPad Mini or 4 Passes to Universal Studios!

From now until April 12 (next Friday), One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is sweetening the deal once again. Purchase $10K or more of the used commercial restaurant equipment you need and we’ll hook you up with a FREE iPad mini or four passes to Universal Studios! All you have to do is save money by… Read More

Restaurant Startup: Getting Insurance

The restaurant business is full of fun and interesting information. Whether this is fun or interesting is on you, but it is important, so you’ll want to pay attention: getting insurance. Getting the right kinds of insurance can help protect you and your business from some form of horribleness that might come your way unexpectedly.… Read More

Buying Guide: Fryers

There are lots of great restaurants and bars out there that know their way around fried food. Fried food is practically an American tradition, although I don’t know if it originated in America….doesn’t matter, we do it well. Whether it’s something simple like french fries or onion rings or something fancy like calamari, the fryer… Read More

Custom Painted Equipment Courtesy of the Frog

Here are two prime examples of the custom paint jobs the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment in-house painting wizards pull off on the regular. We offer free custom paint jobs on any pieces of used commercial restaurant equipment that can be painted. We supply the black, silver, and white paint – if you want any… Read More

Fusion Restaurants in Jacksonville, FL

Earlier on the blog, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment took a look at fusion restaurants in Orlando. Did you go out and try any? I thought so. Today we’re showing some love to the fusion scene in Jacksonville, FL, where there are also an abundance of fusion restaurants to satisfy your cultured stomach. Blue Bamboo… Read More

Go Gators! Go Seminoles! Go EVERYONE!

A couple of Gators fans rolled through the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment office yesterday! Our warehouse manager couldn’t have been happier, while the bosses hid behind their Seminoles paraphernalia in the corner. We don’t discriminate though. Feel free to come on in waving your own team flag with pride. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment… Read More

One Fat Frog Is Now Open Saturdays

And if you don’t know, now you know. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment One Fat Frog • 2416 Sand Lake Road • Orlando, FL 32809 • 407-480-3409

Great Items in Stock at Our Sanford Location!

Over at the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Sanford location, you’ll find some great deals on an assortment of sweet, sweet items. The Sanford Showroom may not be as large as the mighty Orlando warehouse, but it’s still got some fantastic pieces for sale. Here’s a peek at just some of the items you’ll find… Read More

Even More Satisfied Customers!

Here’s some more pictures of clients – the extended Frog family. Check out the green shows and pink boa! Va-va-voom! One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment One Fat Frog • 2416 Sand Lake Road • Orlando, FL 32809 • 407-480-3409

Another Satisfied Customer Spins the Wheel!

Another satisfied customer…here’s the owner of the Flour and Spice Boutique in Melbourne, FL. Flour and Spice specializes in fine confections, including cakes, cupcakes, and french macaroons. Everything is baked fresh – made to order – with the choicest organic ingredients. Check them out for weddings, birthday, showers, whatever the occasion! She spun the One… Read More