All Credit Scores Welcome to Apply for Restaurant Equipment Financing

Don’t let your less than perfect credit put a stop to your dreams of owning a restaurant! One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment works with all kinds of credit and budgets with our restaurant equipment financing plan. The One Fat Frog in-house finance manager isn’t scared by a little bad credit – he will still fight… Read More

Creating a Business Plan, Part 8

This series on the One Fat Frog blog has been on heck of a series. But you know what…it’s worth it. Now, we’re getting into the nitty gritty of your business plan, which is the money part where you estimate the money expected to be spent and made in your business. There are two elements… Read More

Food Service Industry By the Numbers

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment moves a lot of commercial equipment in and out of the Orlando warehouse. Our client base is always growing around Florida and beyond. Sometimes it’s nice to take a step back and realize just how enormous the restaurant industry is in the U.S. Here are some numbers relating to the… Read More

Restaurant Equipment You Would Find in a KFC

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is one of the largest chain fast food restaurants in the U.S. The name of their game is “volume,” much like any other fast food chain who moves a ton of customers in and out of the door everyday. For to pull that off KFC uses high quality commercial kitchen equipment.… Read More

Kitchen Equipment Financing: Easy Approval

Through the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment financing plan, a tremendous amount of start up restaurants have been able to get all of the commercial restaurant equipment they need for success in the business. We’ve done the lot of them: pizzerias, bakeries, cafes, diners, delis, food trucks, sub shops, BBQ restaurants, seafood restaurants, ethnic restaurants,… Read More

Other Businesses That Could Use Restaurant Equipment

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment does one thing: get your restaurant business the best used equipment it needs. Of course, if you have a bar, bistro, ice cream parlor, deli, bakery, cafe, or food truck, you know you need equipment. Of course, there are other businesses that need to have a functioning kitchen to make… Read More

Creating a Business Plan, Part 6

We are really into this business plan series now on the One Fat Frog blog. We are turning and burning here, and now we’re really digging into the part that matters: getting the money you put in back in your and your investors’ pockets. That all starts with your market and your audience. First, let’s… Read More

Creating a Business Plan, Part 5

I gotta give it up to you guys who have been following this series of blog posts. There’s still lots more we need to discuss with creating a business plan, but once we’re through it all, you’ll be that much more prepared to start up your restaurant, and that’s what One Fat Frog wants to… Read More

Five Popular Cocktails Every Bartender Should Know

Before I worked at One Fat Frog, I was in college. While I was in college, I went to many bars (after I turned 21, of course), and I always thought that working at a bar while in college would be a good way to make some cash. So I asked a bartender during a… Read More

Food Truck Events Around Central Florida

Us One Fat Frog employees love our food trucks. We’ve got a lot of great clients who exclusively come to us to get the used equipment that they need. We absolutely love helping out our food truck owners, and to further that point, I thought I’d tell you where you can find yourself some great… Read More

Even If You’re Not Ready to Buy, One Fat Frog Encourages You to Come In

As One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment draws closer to the grand opening of our new, larger location in Orlando, we’ve been seeing more people come into our current office just to see what we’re about. Some folks may feel awkward going into a used commercial restaurant equipment dealer when they’re not looking to actually buy… Read More

Starting a Food Truck: Part 2

So, the last time we talked about getting a food truck started, we talked about the different sizes of vehicles or trailers you can get. Once you’ve made your choice, then you’ve got to get the equipment to start cooking. That’s where One Fat Frog comes in; we’ve got a whole warehouse full of used… Read More

Starting a Food Truck: Part 1

For those of you who haven’t been out of the house in the last decade, you may have noticed that the food truck business has been booming lately. Food trucks are an awesome business as you can basically provide your culinary skills in any location where you want. Of course, starting a food truck can… Read More

Commercial Foodservice Equipment Just Arrived

Over the weekend One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment got in a couple more truckloads of commercial foodservice equipment. This ebb and flow of equipment never stops. Just as a piece makes its way into the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment warehouse, it probably won’t be there for long. That being said, if you see anything… Read More

Starting a Bakery? Here’s the Equipment You Need

We here at One Fat Frog have a sweet tooth and love things like cakes and muffins and other delicious baked goods. Which is why we want you aspiring bakers to get your very own professional bakeries up and running…so we can raid your stocks and stuff our faces with baked goodies till our stomachs… Read More

Get a Package Deal! Freezer, Cooler, and Prep Table!

Oh yes, we’ve done it again! One Fat Frog is once again giving you a deal that you make you smile and jump up and down for joy. Right now, you can get on the phone and get an amazing deal when you get a package of a used freezer, cooler, and prep table. That’s… Read More

List of Equipment Needed for Your Restaurant

So what do we do here at One Fat Frog? If you don’t know yet, we help you find the used equipment at the best deals and with great perks so you can start your restaurant. Of course, different types of restaurants will have different types of equipment needed, but there are certain types of… Read More

Starting a Cafe? Here’s What You Need: The Equipment

Ahhh, we here at One Fat Frog love our coffee. Lots of coffee. I myself have far too much coffee, I think. And cafes are great businesses, whether you’re one of the big guys like Starbucks or just the local shop across the street. People need a place to get their cafe fix, so here’s… Read More

Food Growing on the Walls….Wait, What?!

Since I’ve been employed by the dear One Fat Frog and helping restaurants find the best used equipment for their kitchens and dining rooms, I thought I’ve seen or heard it all. Till I saw this… At the Roosevelt 2.0 in Ybor City, Florida, they actually grow their own vegetables and herbs…on the walls. The… Read More

More Commercial Food Service Equipment Arriving

Another truckload of high quality commercial food service equipment is making its way into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment this afternoon! We’ll have a more detailed list for you shortly, but until then here’s a brief look at some of the items making their way into the One Fat Frog Kitchen Equipment warehouse: • 4… Read More