Front of the House: a Definition

There are two types of jobs in a restaurant: front of the house, and back of the house. Front of the house jobs are jobs that involve interacting with your customer or guest, from the time they walk through your door of your restaurant to the time they leave your restaurant, bar, or commercial kitchen.… Read More

It’s the Final Countdown….

So yeah, this is going on. We are still two days away from finishing our HUGE Santa Baby sale! So what does that mean for you? Well, to put it frankly, that means that our already low prices are even lower! We can help you update your existing commercial kitchen, or even help you build… Read More

Top 10 Restaurant Chains

According to National Restaurant News, the top food chains in America are as follows: McDonalds Subway Burger King Starbucks Wendy’s Taco Bell Dunkin’ Donuts Pizza Hut KFC Applebee’s How many of these places do you frequent and what makes them so popular? I think I’ve been to 6 of the 10 in the last month.… Read More


When was anything that was fried ever bad? Frying can take ordinary food items and transform them into extraordinary delectable delights. Oreos for example. Yes tasty, but they had  become so predictable for me. But, once I discovered fried oreos at a carnival my sophomore year of high school, I suddenly began to see the… Read More

Rebuild your credit with the Frog

Rebuilding your credit can be a daunting task.  For whatever reason your credit may be bruised.  We’ve all been there- divorce, terminal illness, layoff, downsizing or economy turns and over extended on your mortgage… they’re all common things we hear day in and day out at the Frog.  There is absolutely no shame in coming… Read More

Our favorite customers have nicknames

At the Frog just about everything has a nickname.  Our trucks and vehicles have names: Betsy, Big Blue, The Hulk, Mike’s Girlfriend, and 50 shades (one of the gals in the office named this truck).  Our team members / employees have nicknames:  Pretty Boy, Mr. Mohawk, Pretty Eyes, Office Diva, Professor Frog, Four Eyed Frog,… Read More

Can I lease restaurant equipment with bad credit?

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment’s finance manager takes that question as a challenge.  At the Frog we pride ourselves in helping you get started.  While there are human limits to our ability to help you secure the financing you deserve, the Frog Finance Manager will work tirelessly to find you what you need.  Here are… Read More

Financing for All Kinds of Credit

The One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment financing program has helped countless start up restaurants get all of the used commercial restaurant equipment they need. And a lot of the individuals involved in these start ups didn’t have perfect credit. Who does nowadays? So One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment would like to let you know that… Read More

Sold! Imperial 4-Burner Range Oven

Sorry folks, this primo used Imperial 4-burner range oven is already sold. We’re getting 4 to 12-burner range ovens in all the time from brands like Imperial, American Range, Southbend, etc., so check back often! One Fat Frog • 11473 S. Orange Blossom Trail • Orlando, FL • 407-480-3409 One Fat Frog • 1137 W.… Read More

A Presidential Anecdote From One Fat Frog

Here’s a great story one of our clients told us that we just had to pass along to our dear readers… A couple days ago a client came in showed Boss Frog a picture of a famous person he had served popcorn to. This famous person turned out to be President Barack Obama. Wow. The… Read More

Financing for Titusville Restaurant Equipment

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is pleased to provide Titusville and the Titusville area with top-shelf used and affordable restaurant equipment. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has a tremendous selection of Titusville restaurant equipment and Titusville kitchen equipment that would be suitable for a plethora of Titusville restaurants. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has a simple financing… Read More

A Used Walk-In Cooler Can Save You Hundreds!

Currently available at the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Super Mega Warehouse in Orlando are a couple of excellent used walk-in coolers. The price of  a new walk-in cooler can be insane, so why not consider purchasing a used walk-in cooler from One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment? Here’s a look at the walk-in coolers available… Read More

Restaurant Equipment and Kitchen Equipment Financing and Free Delivery for Ocala, FL

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has been in the restaurant equipment game for years and one of our favorite locations to supply an endless parade of used restaurant equipment to is Ocala and the Ocala area. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is more than happy to work with every kind of Ocala and Ocala area… Read More

Financing for All Kinds of Tallahassee Locations

No matter what kind of restaurant you own in Tallahassee or the Tallahassee area, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment wants to finance you! One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is the only used commercial restaurant equipment dealer in the nation with its own in-house finance manager – this helps cut out the middle man! For as… Read More

All Undercounter Coolers Are Now on Sale!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has a disgusting amount of used and new undercounter coolers. Available in both single and double door, the entire selection of undercounter coolers at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is now at sale at ridiculously low prices. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has got to move this stock and move… Read More