Grandma has a Facebook: Cyber-Savvy Grandparents may be the best kept secret.

Patty-Jean sits just inches away from her computer monitor for hours. Every new click is like a revelation to her. Her kids and grandchildren may be scattered throughout the country but thanks to “The Facebook” (as she calls it) this 82 year old’s nest is anything but empty.

Beyond the Likes and Retweets: Other Ideas to Promote Your Restaurant

In the currently-busting digital world where a smartphone is practically a commodity, using social media (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Foursquare) to promote your restaurant is an absolute must. When maintaining a fan base (or repeat customers, whatever you call it) becomes crucial to keep your business alive, sometimes creativity can go quite a bit to make… Read More

South America Restaurant Equipment

One Fat Frog has restaurant equipment for South America. We will deliver for free to Florida ports or to your own personal shipper. We are experienced in loading containers. We have Spanish speaking staff members. If you would like to see equipment without traveling to us, we can video chat on FaceTime or Skype. We… Read More

Lake Wales Florida & Okeechobee FL shops with the Frog

Some of our awesome friends have been shopping the Frog from Lake Wales FL and Okeechobee FL.  The Frog is tickled pink to send truckload after truckload of both new and used restaurant equipment to these towns. We would also love to thank our clients in Lakeland Florida and Lake Wales- the heart of Polk… Read More

Restaurant Promotion: Social Media

Ahhh….social media. Why, back in my day, we used it to keep in touch with college friends who decided to move far away after they received their degree. Now, social media is used for everything. We play games, we share movie reviews, we show pictures of our dinners…that last one is really weird, by the… Read More

One Fat Frog Facebook Sale on Glass Door Coolers

The Internet is a playground of strange and thought-provoking images and words. Many of these images are of animals dressed as humans or of historical figures riding dinosaurs, but sometimes you stumble across something truly worth your time. Take the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Facebook page for example. Are you our friend yet? Here,… Read More

One Fat Frog Facebook Charity Drawing!

To celebrate our 600th fan on Facebook, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment recently held a drawing in which one of our online friends’ had their name drawn from a hat. This lucky person got to choose the charity of their choice and One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment donated $50 to them! The charity chosen by… Read More

Like Us, Share Us, Poke Us on Facebook

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment wants to thank the thousands of restaurant owners, churches, retirement homes, clubhouses, backyard kitchens, food trucks, etc. that have supported us and have fulfilled their equipment needs through us. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is nothing without you and believe us, we appreciate it! Besides cutting deals on used commercial… Read More