Master Level Technicians on staff

The Frog is proud to share that we have master level technicians on staff.   Our team of hotline and coldline technicians have 20 to 34 years experience in field.  This means you have someone who is experienced working on this equipment.  It’s not their first rodeo! What’s the value of having an experienced technician?… Read More

So our number 1 Facebook Fan is coming to visit

When your Number #1 Frog Facebook fan comes to visit it’s a pretty important day in the annals of Restaurant Equipment History.  Our most important thing is our fan base and serving you- so it’s important to us that we focus on serving you.  Imagine, for us It’s sort of like if you were a… Read More

STARTUP Concept Businesses the Frog has opened, has equipment for & can finance

Here’s an abbreviated list of startup business concepts that One Fat Frog has assisted over the years.  This list is not all-This is equipment that we either have in stock or regularly provide at great pricing.  Restaurant: fast casual, quick serve, fine dining, private clubhouse, kiosk Grocery: convenience store, bodega, specialty grocery, meat market, health… Read More

Free Delivery

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment offers free delivery throughout the state of Florida.  (See store for minimum purchases and delivery routes but basically we drive from Tallahassee to Naples to Miami and Jacksonville dropping off at most points in between).  Why take advantage of our free delivery?  It’s simple- restaurant equipment shipping costs can add… Read More

Commercial Kitchen Finance/ Lease Programs

Do you own or are you looking to start a food and beverage concept?  Coffeeshop?  Bar?  Bowling Alley?  Roller rink?  Petting zoo?  Church coffee shop? daycare kitchen?  One Fat Frog Restaurant equipment has a lot of ways to purchase your equipment.  Whether you’re purchasing with cold hard cash, certified funds, credit cards, debit, payment plan… Read More

Milky Bun: Want some ice cream with that bread?

Imagine eating two of the most filling guilty pleasures put together. It’s gooey, it’s creamy, it’s doughy. Meet the “Milky Bun.” What is it? Ice cream. Inside of a bun. One Fat Frog has had its share of interesting food and ice cream tastings, but this is something we haven’t yet tried. I can’t decide… Read More

Passport works as key to beer machine

Canadians sure have it nice. They’ve got one of the lowest overall crime rates, they don’t always need to lock their doors, and they’ve got their own bacon. Not only that, but they also have their own beer fridge. That’s right. Canadian citizens simply scan their passport and wa-la! The magical door to endless possibilities… Read More

Restaurant Startup Tip: Know when to replace your walk-in refrigerators and freezers

Hey there, restaurant owners. How’s it going? How are your walk-ins doing? If you’re unsure, you should be checking out the status of those walk-in units. And I don’t mean hacking their imaginary Facebooks. One Fat Frog loves walk-ins. We love walk-in freezers, coolers and refrigerators. These units save space and keep food safe for… Read More

Easy Finance & Lease Programs for new restaurants or existing food & beverage and other businesses

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is the only food service dealership in the nation offering commercial finance and lease programs through our in-house finance manager.  Our Finance Manager has years of experience in several industries getting clients the money they need to open their business or to improve and upgrade equipment. In a larger picture… Read More

Yahoo approves the Frog’s info on how to start a pizzeria

Looks like someone posted a question on yahoo a few years ago about how to start a pizzeria… Here’s the link Hope we’ve helped you- if you have more questions call the Frog at 407-480-3409 ☛ 2416 Sand Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32809 ☏ (407) 480-3409 ❂ Mon – Fri: 9AM – 5PM ❂… Read More