Rebuild your credit with the Frog

Rebuilding your credit can be a daunting task.  For whatever reason your credit may be bruised.  We’ve all been there- divorce, terminal illness, layoff, downsizing or economy turns and over extended on your mortgage… they’re all common things we hear day in and day out at the Frog.  There is absolutely no shame in coming… Read More

Finance & Lease Programs at One Fat Frog

June 18, 2013   Orlando, FL-  As a full-service food service dealership, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is dedicated to serving its customers.  Open 6 days a week, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment always has an in-house Finance Manager on staff for your Finance and Leasing needs.  Having skilled staff to work finance and lease deals… Read More

STARTUP Realistic expectations about the startup process

Having realistic expectations and being properly prepared is an important part of the startup process.  If you’re ill prepared this can lead to problems without a doubt.  As a restaurant owner (or owner of any business), you’ll be putting out a multitude of fires throughout the day from employee issues, client issues, payroll, taxes, marketing,… Read More

STARTUP Concept Businesses the Frog has opened, has equipment for & can finance

Here’s an abbreviated list of startup business concepts that One Fat Frog has assisted over the years.  This list is not all-This is equipment that we either have in stock or regularly provide at great pricing.  Restaurant: fast casual, quick serve, fine dining, private clubhouse, kiosk Grocery: convenience store, bodega, specialty grocery, meat market, health… Read More

Startup: Failure is not an option, but often happens because…

At the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment website we’re always giving entrepreneurs quick tips on starting up their restaurant.  We spoke with an industry insider yesterday and they said one of the biggest contributors to restaurants failing is an over-sized menu.  As they said, a restaurant cannot do everything.  They must be specialized.  At the… Read More