Food Truck Start Up: Expanding Your Empire

Your food truck business is a success. You’re constantly being asked to bring your food truck to more areas around the city, but you can’t be in two spots at once. Or three or four. While it’s always good to be accepted and wanted around the city, the problem is this kind of demand requires… Read More

The Big Red Food Bus Rolled Into One Fat Frog

Here are some shots of one of our favorite food truck clients – well, food bus to be more exact. He rolled into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment yesterday to pick up some more equipment. Check out the interior shot featuring some choice equipment, including an APW Wyott 2-burner hot plate and an Imperial Elite… Read More

Food Truck Start Up: Start-Up Costs

Throughout your food truck’s life, you’re going to encounter financial hurdles that require funding. Here’s a look at the funding types for the different stages of your food truck, courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment: • SEED CAPITAL: this is the money you need if your initial research and planning for the food truck… Read More

In My Belly Food Bus Rolls Through

Here’s one of our clients that rolled through One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment over the weekend. Talk about an eye-catching vehicle! The name of the food truck bus is In My Belly and be sure to keep watch for them dominating a street near you. And if you’re in the market for some used food… Read More

Start Up: Creating a Food Truck Cleaning Checklist

Just like cleaning a brick and mortar restaurant, there is a science and art to cleaning your food truck. Some cleaning tasks need to be done daily, some hourly, and some monthly – and One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is here to help you get organized. While each food truck will require different tasks depending… Read More

Start Up: Competition in the Food Truck Business

Just like running an actual brick and mortar restaurant, economic competition is fierce in the food truck business. Commonly, it’s a friendly competition in which food truck owners frequently collaborate on events. Since food trucks can constantly move to wherever the hungry masses may be, brick and mortar restaurants oftentimes see  food trucks as having… Read More