Used Double Door Blast Freezer Now Available

“Blast freezer” was my nickname in high school. Not really (it was something I cannot repeat here) but One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment just got in a super sweet two-door blast freezer. It may have the most intimidating name of the restaurant equipment world (after “meat saw”) but what a blast freezer performs is really… Read More

discount walk in coolers

looking for an affordable walk-in cooler. We offer several lines of walk-in coolers from highest quality to entry level equipment. We have over 20years experience in commercial industrial walk in settings. Looking to buy a cooler or freezer for a school, preschool or daycare? Give us a call. We can also outfit hotels, motels, catering, food service, restaurant, bar, mortuaries & funeral homes. We also do floral coolers.

call 407 – 936-FROG Read More