Some More Used Ice Machines Have Arrived

Currently available at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment are three very nice used ice machines: • Used Soctsman 275lb ice machine – perfect for smaller restaurants, office buildings, community centers, gyms, job sites, landscape crews, etc. Tested and ready to go! • Used Scotsman 1350lb ice machine with a 900lb bin. • Used Manitowoc 1750lb… Read More

Different Ice for Different Folks; Used Ice Machines

Did you know there are different kinds of ice produced by ice machines? Five types, last time I counted. Each offers up a unique purpose, some more appropriate for restaurants than others, so be sure you know what kind of ice your machine will produce before purchasing. Here’s a look at the different kind of… Read More

Air Cooled vs. Water Cooler Ice Machines

One of the items we get in a lot at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment are used ice machines from brands like Manitowoc, Hoshizaki, and Scotsman. Some of them are air cooled and some of are water cooled. What’s the difference. As they’re name suggests, air- and water-cooled means the refrigeration compressor and condenser systems… Read More

Ice Machines Aren’t Just for Restaurants

People dining in restaurants aren’t the only ones who like ice in their drinks. What about the warehouse workers, the delivery drivers, the landscapers, truck drivers, UPS & FedEx workers, laborers, etc.? These hardworking men and women should have an ice machine at their disposal just as much as a restaurant! Ice machines can also… Read More

Epcot’s Food & Wine Festival

Right now at Disney’s Epcot theme park they are having their annual Food & Wine Festival. I am a big Disney fan and Epcot is my favorite park, but I am a bigger fan of food & wine. Oh and beer! My wife and I where just there last weekend enjoying all the foods and… Read More

M.I.A. Tape Measures

Earlier today Mr. Mohawk was concerned that another tape measure has gone missing. This isn’t an isolated incident. One Fat Frog has lost a lot of tape measures in the ongoing struggle to deliver the best service in restaurant equipment. The tape measures know the risk when they sign on, but it’s still hard to… Read More