If you have a piece of equipment with a water connection, it probably needs a filter.

Whether you own a steamer, a combi oven, an ice machine, or whatever piece of commercial equipment that has a water connection or relies on water, you probably need a water filter with the piece(s) of equipment you have. Not only will you save money in the future, but provide consistent results with your piece… Read More

Guess who doesn’t grill their ‘grilled chicken’

One Fat Frog loves grilled chicken! Who doesn’t? We like to get ours at Pollo Tropical. Doesn’t that grilled chicken look delicious? One problem though – it’s not grilled! A reliable source just told One Fat Frog that Pollo Tropical actually cooks all their chicken in a Combi oven! The shock! The horror! The scandal!… Read More

All About the Combi Oven

One of the perks of working for One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is learning about all these cool appliances that I would never have thought of in my life. Sure, I can pick out major appliances in my own kitchen, like the big box-type thing in the corner that keeps my sodas cold. But we’re… Read More