General Contractor – Should I get one?

So here at the Frog, we’ve been working on our very own Restaurant Resource Center! In this center we’ve got a few things to hopefully help you get your dream off the ground.

2014 Black Friday Sale

Guess what time it is Frogs!? It’s Black Friday! That means One Fat Frog is having a huge Black Friday sale on all our USED Restaurant Equipment! Get all your USED Restaurant Equipment at One Fat Frog today at a HUGE DISCOUNT! You heard me correctly! Huge Sale on Restaurant Equipment! And you have to hurry and… Read More

Food Trucks Are Not Allowed in Clearwater :(

Bad news for foodies in Clearwater, FL. According to the Daily City (the curators of the successful Central Florida Food Truck Bazaars), the mayor of Clearwater refuses to change city laws that prohibit food trucks. He states that he’s not interested in opening up Clearwater to food trucks because he would like to see the… Read More

Clearwater Restaurant Equipment & Financing

Clearwater, FL is a hot tourist destination – especially in the winter – so if you’re running a restaurant down there or have been thinking about opening up a restaurant in Clearwater, then head into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment for all of your Clearwater restaurant equipment and Clearwater used restaurant equipment needs. One Fat… Read More

Free Restaurant Equipment Delivery to Clearwater, Florida!

With gas prices nearing an all-time high, getting your used restaurant equipment delivered can sometimes cost around the same price as the equipment itself. That’s mental! If you’re tired of getting ripped off on delivery prices, head into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment and take advantage of our FREE delivery runs across Florida! No other… Read More