Five Movies for Foodies

It’s kind of a shame these days that food (in general) don’t get enough recognition in movies. Too often, they’re used as cannon fodder for 15-second or 30-second commercial spots. But not all hope is lost, however, as there are five (good, seriously good) movies that are out there to make you salivate, make your… Read More

Finance Your Dream with One Fat Frog

In case you didn’t know, One Fat Frog is in the business of making dreams come true.  Now you may ask, “Hold up, are you telling me that One Fat Frog can fulfill my dream of catching a Tim Tebow-thrown Super Bowl winning touchdown on the surface of the moon?!” No.  Don’t be crazy.  Although… Read More

Our favorite customers have nicknames

At the Frog just about everything has a nickname.  Our trucks and vehicles have names: Betsy, Big Blue, The Hulk, Mike’s Girlfriend, and 50 shades (one of the gals in the office named this truck).  Our team members / employees have nicknames:  Pretty Boy, Mr. Mohawk, Pretty Eyes, Office Diva, Professor Frog, Four Eyed Frog,… Read More

ServSafe classes at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment in Orlando

Look for information to come on ServSafe classes at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment by a highly esteemed Chef in Central Florida! The Frog will be offering classes in English & Spanish. We will also be offering renewal tests at a discounted rate!  Tests can be taken old school style or on a laptop.  Keep… Read More

More about David Adjey’s Restaurant 101 TV show

Information on Chef Adjey Restaurant 101 show host & star Read More