All About Range Oven Burners

There are a huge variety of makes and models of range ovens on the market. The selection can be dizzying. The biggest differentiation among these various range ovens in the burners. There’s the number of burners and the size of the burners, and to ensure you get the proper range oven for your restaurant, you… Read More

Range Oven Burner Info; Used Range Ovens for Sale

Find me a restaurant kitchen without a range oven and I’ll eat my shoe. The right one. With Cholula. Range ovens can do a lot, from boiling water to sauteing. They’re the one piece of restaurant equipment chefs can’t do without. They typically run up to a 72″, 12-burner model. The most common range oven… Read More

Used Wolf 6-Burner Range Oven for Sale

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