Business Party: Proprietorships and Partnerships

So you’re finally ready to take the plunge and grab your dreams by the horns! That’s awesome, congrats! Now assuming that your thought is starting to take shape, you’ve hired yourself an attorney and you’ve got a solid business concept, but what happens after you cut the red ribbon? How do you want to be… Read More

Beyond the Likes and Retweets: Other Ideas to Promote Your Restaurant

In the currently-busting digital world where a smartphone is practically a commodity, using social media (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Foursquare) to promote your restaurant is an absolute must. When maintaining a fan base (or repeat customers, whatever you call it) becomes crucial to keep your business alive, sometimes creativity can go quite a bit to make… Read More

STARTUP Realistic expectations about the startup process

Having realistic expectations and being properly prepared is an important part of the startup process.  If you’re ill prepared this can lead to problems without a doubt.  As a restaurant owner (or owner of any business), you’ll be putting out a multitude of fires throughout the day from employee issues, client issues, payroll, taxes, marketing,… Read More

STARTUP Why do research before opening?

If you’re considering starting a food service concept there are many reasons you should read and do research before opening.  As I’m a retired private school principal and educator, education is pretty important to me and therefore I try to help clients and give them as many resources to educate themselves and facilitate growth and… Read More

What can you expect from 100,000 square feet of restaurant equipment?

When you come to 100,000 square feet of used and new restaurant equipment you can expect a LOT of equipment!  From pizza ovens (see above), the Frog has conveyors, stone deck, gas, electric and wood fired.  Did you know they all qualify for easy finance and lease programs and if you don’t have a restaurant… Read More

Switch things up with some humor in your restaurant

Here at One Fat Frog, we always try to have fun. We love restaurants, bars, bakeries, pizzerias, anyone in the food service industry who can take (or make) a good joke or two. After all, you’ve got to break up all the serious food talk every once in a while with a pun. Why so… Read More

What’s in a Name?

One of the most important decisions a start-up business owner must make at the beginning of his (or her!) journey is what to name their company. This holds doubly true for a new restaurant – the name must conjure up just the right images, and stir potential customers to try something new. The name, after… Read More