The business of business plans

Business plans are long. And lengthy. And should really take you a while to make. But what is a business plan? A business plan usually plans and outlines the projected losses and earnings for 2-4 years. But if you’re anything like me, business plans probably look like the last thing you want to sit down… Read More

Market Strategy for opening a new startup restaurant in Lakeland, FL

Blog article on market strategy for starting a restaurant in Lakeland FL which is located in Polk County. One Fat Frog Restaurant and Commercial Kitchen Equipment offers free delivery to Lakeland. See the Frog when you are ready to open your restaurant (407) 480-3409 Read More

STARTUP: Restaurant, bar, bakery timeframe Florida

The process of creating a business plan, project management, managing general contractors, architects, coordinating subs, buying equipment inspectors are all part of the process of creating a key timeframe for opening your bar, bakery and restaurant in Florida article courtesy of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, 407-480-3409 Leave the equipment to us- we’re here to help you. Read More