Used Southbend Double Stack Broiler Available

Adding a broiler to your location’s hot line will help give a serious boost to production. Adding this Southbend double stack broiler will double the power and cause all of the food within a 30 mile radius to start shaking in their containers. With a broiler, food is exposed directly to a very high temperature,… Read More

American Range Ethnic & Specialty Products

American Range Ethnic & Specialty Products Special thanks to One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment for this quick guide to various specialty products made by American Range. This may come to a surprise to you, but American Range not only builds commercial units but also commercial home units and also specialty commercial units for ethnic and other variant food service applications. Here is a brief list of types of ethnic equipment that American Range offers:

* Mongolian BBQ
* Vertical Broiler / Gyro machine
* Chinese Asian Wok
* Chinese Ranges
* Chinese Pork Smokers
* Chicken Rotisserie

Thanks to One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment for this quick guide.
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