Start Up: Being Responsible About Alcohol

If there’s going to be alcohol served at your restaurant, you have to be conscious of the various risks involved and take the proper precautions. When you acquire your liquor license, oftentimes you’ll be required to take a course on precautions and steps to minimize alcohol-related problems at your location. You can also ask the… Read More

Start Up: Getting the Right Liquor License

Adding liquor and beer to your location is a great way to boost sales and draw a bigger crowd. And when you have a rough day at work you can throw back a few shots after close, know what I mean? With great liquor comes great responsibility – and loads of license requirements! They’re are… Read More

I’ll Have a Skinny Pirate, Please

The One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment resident drinks expert dropped some knowledge on me today: a diet coke and rum is called a “Skinny Pirate.” Turns out I’ve been drinking “Skinny Pirates” all along and had no clue. I wonder if there’s a clever name for when I drink gin straight from the bottle? Oh,… Read More