What Should You Name Your Restaurant?

I was reading a BuzzFeed article titled 31 Restaurant Names That Maybe Should Be Reconsidered. Some of my favorites included “Pastagina”, “Poopsies”, “Butt Sweet House” and “Soon Fatt”. No, I know what you’re thinking, but these restaurants actually do exist. Check out the article I hyper linked above for confirmation. Reading that ridiculous article got… Read More

Special Events at the 2011 Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show

This year’s Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show features several events to educate and entertain attendees. One Fat Frog will be loitering at the JLA Equipment Distributors booth all three days of the show and we’ll be taking in every special event we can fit in. We’ll be anywhere there’s even a chance of complimentary food… Read More

2011 Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show: September 8-10

The 2011 Florida Restaurant & Lodging Show is being held September 8-10 (Thursday to Saturday) at the Orange County Convention Center. One Fat Frog will be in attendance all three days, taking in the seminars, demonstrations, events, and racy after parties. Are there racy after parties? Let me know. Look for One Fat Frog at… Read More