Overview of new & used inventory in stock at Orlando’s One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment- Stop in for current availability- we receive truckloads of new & used equipment daily.   While our specialty is startup restaurant, bars, pizzerias and bakeries, The Frog also wholesales to other dealers (must provide Florida resale certificate), exports & ships nationally & internationally.  See below this list for other inventory we may have in stock.

At 100,000 square feet with inventory coming daily, this page reflects a rough overview of equipment available. We also have extensive new offerings.
At 100,000 square feet with inventory coming daily, this page reflects a rough overview of equipment available. We also have extensive new offerings.

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Don’t know where to start? You can take a look at our inventory updates below.

Inventory Update – December 8th, 2016

Good news! One Fat Frog is running a special “Every Day is Black Friday” Promotion until the end of the year! Here’s how it works:

  • Come to One Fat Frog and purchase $5,000 to $9,999 of equipment, get a 3 compartment sink for free!
  • Come to One Fat Frog and purchase $10,000 to $14,999 of equipment, get a 50″ TV for free!
  • Come to One Fat Frog and purchase $15,000 to $19,999 of equipment, get an XBOX One for free!
  • Come to One Fat Frog and purchase $20,000 to $24,999 of equipment, get a new 40lb fryer for free!
  • Come to One Fat Frog and purchase $25,000 or above in equipment, pick two of the above items mentioned for free!

This promotion is only good until the holiday season is over, so come to One Fat Frog quickly to take advantage of these savings!

We are having a huge blowout sale on used equipment! Call One Fat Frog for more details.

Here are some recent equipment that came in that may be of interest to you:

  • Hotline:
    • Countertop Steamer (New)
    • Countertop Convection Oven (New)
    • Full-Size Warming Cabinet (New)
    • Single Stack Gas Convection Oven
    • 36″ Griddle
    • 36″ Range (Four Burners + 12″ Griddle)
    • 60″ Range (Six Burners + 24″ Griddle)
    • 72″ Range (Six Burners + 36″ Griddle)
    • 1/2 Size Combi Oven (Boilerless)
    • Full Size Combi Oven
    • Roll-in Proofer
    • Lincoln Impinger Conveyor Oven
    • Double-Deck Steamer
    • 5-Spit Commercial Rotisserie Oven
  • Coldline:
    • 27″, 48″, 60″, 72″ Sandwich Prep Table
    • Hobart Meat Slicer
    • Berkel Meat Slicer
    • 48″ Slide Door Display Merchandiser
    • Structural Concepts 48″ Open-Air Merchandiser
    • 78″ Curved Glass Refrigerated Bakery Case
    • True 48″ Backbar Cooler
    • 46″ Gelato Case
    • 88″ Dipping Cabinet
    • Master-Bilt 12-Hole Dipping Cabinet
    • 88″ High-Visibility Dipping Cabinet
    • 69″ Dipping Cabinet
    • Batch Freezer
    • Taylor Combo Soft Serve Machine (1 Flavor Soft Serve + 1 Shake)
    • 2-Door Master-Bilt Blast Freezer
  • Sanitation
    • Hand Sink
    • Three-Compartment Sink
    • Underbar Ice Bin

This is only an excerpt of our inventory. Looking for more or interested in opening a food trailer, restaurant equipment packages, equipment financing, and more? Call us at (407) 480-3409 or visit us at 2416 Sand Lake Road in Orlando, FL 32809


Items go quickly!

Cash & carry new / used equipment on the floor.  Multiple pieces may be available.

Inventory update:  July 11, 2016

  • Baker’s Pride 24″ charbroiler


  • rotating bakery cases- upright, cooler and freezer units
  • single and double glass door coolers and freezers
  • single and double stainless steel refrigerators and freezers
  • 27, 48, 60, 72 refrigerated make tables/ deli tables/ sandwich salad units, NEW
  •  48 and 72 used sandwich salad units
  • 67 and 93 pizza prep tables new
  • 67, 84 and 93 pizza prep tables used
  • undercounter and worktop refrigerated and freezer tables 27, 48, 72 new
  • undercounter and workshop used 27, 48, 60, 72 refrigerators
  • ice cream dipping cabinets- 48 ” 9 month old

Sanitation & Stainless 

  •  (3) Taylor 794, double barrel twist, single phase
  • single phase soft serve twist machine
  • Carpagiani batch freezer
  • several ice cream dipping cabinets
  • gelato case
  • NEW ice cream rotating display case
  • New bakery rotating display cake case

HOTLINE- high BTU workhorse units

  • used 36″ charbroiler
  • convection ovens new and used
  • combi ovens new and used
  • fryers new and used
  • flat griddles new and used, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72
  • steam tables new and used
  • 10,20, 30, 40, 60 and 80 quart mixers, single phase NEW and USED Hobart & Berkel
  •  used 2 door glass Masterbilt freezer
  • Used 2 door Masterbilt blast freezer

Ready to go

  • used PS360 Blodgett version double stack conveyor pizza oven, gas
  • used (2) 67 pizza make table, 93 pizza make table, 86 pizza make table all ready to rock and roll home with you today!

– used 36″ baker’s pride charbroiler
– espresso machine- single and double
-ice cream dipping cabinet
-tables/ chairs
– drop in hot and cold well serving
– Cleveland tilt skillet (also have Market Forge)
– warming cabinets
– several used 60 & 72″ sandwich salad prep units
– 4 burner range
– Atlas frost top
– batch freezers
– blast freezer
-dry bakery case
-deli case
-cocoa/ cappucino machine for c-store

-(8) 6 burner ranges
-(too many to count) single door cooler, stainless steel door or glass door

-(too many to county), stainless steel freezers
-2 door stainless steel cooler
-single door glass cooler
-2 door glass cooler
-95″ kegerators- several
-72″ megatop sandwich prep tables
-72″ regular top sandwich prep tables
-(1) scratch & dent 72″ mega prep table- save 100’s, still have factory warranty, does not affect functionality!- cosmetic damage is on right side of unit
-4 fryers
-58″ bar back glass door
-24″ flat griddle
-24″ chargrill/ charbroiler
-36″ flat griddles
– (7) 4 burner ranges

  • coffee equipment
  • espresso machine

Food Truck Buildout

  • Complete buildout of Food Truck:  demolition, install of floor, walls, (gas, electrical, plumbing, hood – all licensed), install and purchase of equipment, generator, cab buildout – or portions thereof
  • Partial Buildout:  gas, electrical, plumbing, hood,
  • Install of Hood
  • Install of gas equipment

Food Truck Equipment

  • Hotline:  charbroiler, flat griddle, stock pot burner, ranges 4 and 6 burner, 2 burner countertop, 4 burner countertop, quick gas disconnects  ALL NEW CASH & CARRY used also available
  • Coldline:  single door refrigerators, single door freezers, refrigerated salad sandwich units, undercounter and worktop refrigerators and freezers ALL NEW CASH & CARRY used also available

WALK-IN COOLERS & FREEZERS: Don’t see the size you need? Contact the Frog, we build custom NEW walk in coolers. Mortuary and Morgue coolers also available! Need freezer or refrigerator? We can also do used panels and new refrigeration! All walk ins also qualify for free delivery routes and finance! New at used prices due to our wholesale truckload purchasing.  We combine and take advantage of volume purchasing to pass the savings to you.  

  • 6×10 cooler/ freezer combo: 6×4 freezer, 6×6 cooler
  • 6×8 cooler
  • 16×19 1/2 combo: 16×12 cooler, 16×8 freezer
  • 8×12 cooler
  • 8×8 freezer
  • 6×9 1/2 cooler w/ floor self contained refrigeration
  • 13x 8 1/2 cooler
  • 6×12 freezer
  • 6×12 cooler
  • 20×11 freezer
  • 6×8 cooler or freezer with floor


  • 12 foot hood with exhaust makeup air – left over from Truckload purchase- extremely discounted
  • food truck hoods
  • restaurant hoods
  • pizza vent hoods
  • This is where our volume discount comes in- we buy in volume & pass the savings to you!


  •  single door, double door, triple door
  • sandwich salad make tables
  • pizza make tables
  • new and used
  • 30″, 48″, 60″, 72″ and more!


  • extensive used offering


  • undercounter and ice heads
  • hotel dispensers
  • limited new floor models in stock now


  • worktop and undercounter refrigerator and freezer


  • single and double door cooler and display freezer
  • glass door bar back


  • single door refrigerator and freezer
  • double door refrigerator and freezer
  • Dutch door pass through refrigerator


  • 4 burner range
  • 6 burner range
  • 8 burner range- gas
  • 6 burner range- electric
  • 36″ flat griddle on oven


  • fryer banks with filtration
  • countertop fryers
  • 30/40 lb fryer
  • high BTU heavy duty fryer


  • electric convection oven
  • gas convection oven
  • countertop convection oven
  • convection oven / proofer combo


  • Refrigerated curved glass
  • deli meat case
  • bakery dry case
  • bakery refrigerated case
  • set of cases
  • deli meat and cheese case


  • bar 3 compartment sink
  • restaurant 3 compartment sink
  • bar 4 compartment sink
  • dishwashers & glass washers


  • stainless steel tables
  • stainless equipment stands
  • prep sinks
  • double sinks


  •  Rotisserie
  • countertop electric cheesemelter & salamander


  •  Lincoln Impinger conveyor oven
  •  various pizza make tables- new and used
  • Vulcan triple stone deck oven with new stones
  • table top conveyor


  •  waffle cone makers
  • spindle mixers
  • soft serve machines
  • dipping cabinets
  • flip top freezers


  • misc clean and dirty dishtables


  •  undercounter dishwasher
  • glasswasher
  • CMA dishwasher NEW


  • We can put together the following food service concepts that will make you money without hood:  bar, grill, coffee shop, bakery, pizza, tapas, sub shop/ deli, ice cream, dessert


  •  like NEW set of used modern clean lines telescoping pub top/ tables and barstools and stacking chairs.  Very modern looking
  • set of bistro chairs and tables
  • NEW chairs and tables
  • extensive floor samples of outdoor furniture for beachside, covered or open patio- from funky to contemporary to classic!

… call 407-480-3409 or better yet come in to the Frog at 2416 Sand Lake Road, Orlando FL 32809 corner of Presidents Drive, midway between John Young Parkway and Orange Blossom Trail.  Still near the toll roads and I-4.