One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has our own inside Finance & Lease Department.  Let our Credit Manager work with you to find monies for your restaurant, food truck or bar project!  Bakeries, assisted living, churches and other 501-3-C also welcome.  New startups, cross-corporation guarantees and franchise programs also available.

No matter if you are an existing business or a new deli, bar, grill, restaurant or bakery business, good credit or poor credit- we WILL help you!  Orlando’s Frog restaurant equipment has financing and leasing programs for new and used restaurant equipment, startup and existing restaurants, and everything in between. Se Habla Espanol Financiamiento Equipo

The Frog is very proud to announce new programs that better serve our community.  Our finance and lease programs offer some of the lowest rates out there with great companies!  

One Fat Frog financing and leasing programs allow you to hold on to your capital and adjust to your cash flow needs.  These are programs that allow you to grow your business without the hassle of a SBA loan.  Minimal paperwork is needed and many deals can be approved same day!

Finance and Lease Department specialists at the Frog have the highest turnaround response and an equally high approval rate.  If we can’t finance you then you gotta get with the Soprano’s <cough> to get some financing.  We are committed to working with legitimate financing resources that fully serve our clients.

So whether you’re in Orlando FL, Florida or nationwide, let One Fat Frog’s Restaurant Equipment Finance and Lease program benefit you.  Let our years of experience help you to open the doors of your business.

One Fat Frog has finance programs for the following types of businesses to finance new or used restaurant equipment, smallwares and furniture:

  • restaurant
  • bar
  • pizzeria
  • deli
  • bakery
  • church
  • golf course
  • casino
  • cruise line
  • funeral home & mortuary
  • prison work release
  • private school, daycare, college, university
  • any sort of corporation needing commercial equipment

If you are a 501-3-c not for profit let us know, we can finance your food service and equipment needs TODAY.  Call 407-480-3409 or email for your easy finance application.

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We have staff on site who speak German, Arabic, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Sign Language.

  • Hablamos Espanol
  • Parliamo l’italiano
  • nos falamos portugues

Serving Orlando FL and customers nationwide!


Call us at 407-480-3409 or email for a quick and easy credit / finance application that we can fax, email, snail mail or better yet come in person.

At One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, our in-house finance manager has many credit programs for a variety of backgrounds.  Whether you are a startup or an existing business we can easily help you with answers within minutes.

The Frog loves to work with challenged credit, we often help finance folks who have had bankruptcies, slow payments or medical problems on their credit.  We know that everyone is not on time with payments and that entrepreneurs often struggle through different financial challenges.

For example we can open restaurants or bars on payments of approximately $300 a month!  Now you have to be reasonable but we do it day in and day out at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment.  We have great relationships with a variety of financial institutions which fits a variety of pocketbooks.  Whether you’re a franchisee, startup or existing restaurant, let One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment work for you.