Are you looking for a comparative bid?  The Frog welcomes the opportunity to bid your restaurant, bar, bakery, food truck, hospitality or other industry.  Let’s see just how much we can beat the competition!  New or Used, it doesn’t matter!  Just be patient as our sales team is working hard to keep up with bids. Due to volume of bidding and time needed to adequately address bids you can expect to hear back within two weeks of submission of quote specifications.

We are 100% WBE owned. This helps spending on bids. Let us be your supplier for food service and restaurant equipment! Do you do a lot of local, state, or federal government contract and bid work? Are you a hospital or large company who is looking to spend?

One Fat Frog has staff on hand who are used to being on the jobsite.  These are guys & gals who know their way around a tape measure although they don’t look as good in high heels… who am I kidding?  The guys would kill me if they knew I was joking about that.

It would be our pleasure to work with the serious customer as we have with many general contractors in the Central Florida area.  Why do I say the serious customer? In order to sort out customers, we need to know if you have won the bid, if you want new or used.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment also offers finance and lease packages for startup and existing restaurants, poor credit to great credit no problem.  So let us help your customers to save the money!

Take the step to get started on completing your big bid project.