Frog Advice: How to Impress Your Lady on Valentine’s Day

Are you freaking out over what to get your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day? No worries, Ms. Frog is here to guide the clueless minds of the male species when it comes to gift giving. The suggestions included are your staple things to do for your significant other but some NSFW things will be omitted….I think… Read More

All Bacon Restaurant Opening Soon in Montreal

This day could really not get any better. I just found out an ALL bacon restaurant is opening up in Montreal. Literally, everything you order will somehow incorporate bacon. It’s a great day to be alive. I mean, who doesn’t love bacon? I honestly think bacon is the answer to world peace. When has anyone… Read More

Cooking Options on a Rational Oven

Rational ovens are the perfect choice anywhere hot food is prepared on a large-scale in commercial kitchens. Places like banquet halls, cafeterias, grocery stores, cruise ships, etc. would benefit greatly from a Rational oven. One Rational oven can perform a versatile variety of cooking tasks just by turning a dial and pushing some buttons. Here’s… Read More

A Visit From the Used Commercial Restaurant Equipment Fairy

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment was visited by the Used Commercial Restaurant Equipment Fairy today! That’s always a joyous day around the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Super Mega Warehouse in Orlando! One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment welcomes dozens upon dozens of high-quality used commercial restaurant into the warehouse, to sit next to the thousands… Read More

Thanks for Visiting Us Here at One Fat Frog!

One Fat Frog has a new location with a huge new warehouse full of new and used restaurant equipment!  Come check us out. Thanks for visiting One Fat Frog’s Current New & Used Inventory Blog.  On this site you will see our current and upcoming inventory of both new and used equipment.  Please do not… Read More