Serving Customers with Dietary Restrictions

Rporting here from One Fat Frog, Orlando with some more food safety tips to keep your customers happy and healthy when enjoying your restaurant. Every  restaurant owner has a lot to consider when opening a restaurant.  With specific dietary restriction and lifestyles becoming more mainstream it is important to be informed on the diverse dietary choices… Read More

Seasonal menus – Creating a menu to fit your geographical needs

I don’t know about you, but when it’s cold, this frog likes to curl up and drink a nice hot tea or eat a bowl of chili or soup. I also know that this frog is a little too lazy to make chili or soup from scratch, so I’m always looking for some restaurant to fill… Read More

Front of the House: a Definition

There are two types of jobs in a restaurant: front of the house, and back of the house. Front of the house jobs are jobs that involve interacting with your customer or guest, from the time they walk through your door of your restaurant to the time they leave your restaurant, bar, or commercial kitchen.… Read More

Secret Menu: a Marketing Technique

Can I talk about something I love more than food trucks? (And I really love food trucks, so this says a lot.) How about COFFEE? Who doesn’t love a nice hot cup of coffee? Especially on a day like today where the weather is nippy and everyone is bundled together trying to get warm? Well,… Read More

Minimum Wage raises 12 cents in Florida

So starting tomorrow, it’s a lucky day for new employees! Minimum wage is being raised in FL a whole 12 cents from $7.93 to $8.05! So that means that any new hires and anyone making less than minimum wage now get a minimum of $8.05 an hour, whereas any of you old hires don’t get… Read More

Young Worker Safety in Restaurants, Again.

Do you remember when I talked about Young Worker Safety in Restaurants? Well, here’s a bit more advice from the wisdom of the Frog. I briefly mentioned machine guards , but what does that even mean? Machine guarding eliminates or controls hazards and provides essential and required protection for your employees. Machine parts have the potential… Read More

Chef Jeff and ServeSafe

Today, we’ve had a hustle and bustle around the office that we haven’t had in about a month. Today is ServeSafe day with Chef Jeff Rotz! And man, we had a pretty decent turn out. Lots of businesses are getting on their way, and that’s something we love to see! I had the opportunity to… Read More

Grandma has a Facebook: Cyber-Savvy Grandparents may be the best kept secret.

Patty-Jean sits just inches away from her computer monitor for hours. Every new click is like a revelation to her. Her kids and grandchildren may be scattered throughout the country but thanks to “The Facebook” (as she calls it) this 82 year old’s nest is anything but empty.

Beyond the Likes and Retweets: Other Ideas to Promote Your Restaurant

In the currently-busting digital world where a smartphone is practically a commodity, using social media (Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Foursquare) to promote your restaurant is an absolute must. When maintaining a fan base (or repeat customers, whatever you call it) becomes crucial to keep your business alive, sometimes creativity can go quite a bit to make… Read More

There’s a fly in my soup, and I hate your face

Odds are that any new business, especially a restaurant, is bound to have its share of trial and errors as it gets off the ground. This could potentially be a real sweet spot for tweaking the foundation of your business. The bad news is that this grace period is microscopic and you have to be… Read More

Pros & Cons of buying a restaurant franchise

For those restaurant entrepreneurs who want to be fully immersed in a restaurant and jump right into it, buying a franchise or a restaurant that’s already up and running is an option the Frog would suggest. Buying a franchise eliminates the planning and heavy management that goes along with opening up a brand new restaurant.… Read More

Restaurant Startup Tip: Keep customers coming back for more

One Fat Frog has been giving you restaurant entrepreneurs tips on how to gain new customers, and slipping in a tip or two about how to get customers to come back for more. We’re back again to give you yet another restaurant startup tip. The Frog keeps its customers coming back by having special promotions and… Read More

How to Spot a Fake ID

Regular readers of the One Fat Frog blog know that we don’t just want to talk to you about how you can get the best used equipment for your restaurant business; we also want to help you run your business better. As the self-proclaimed resident bar connoisseur at the Frog, I take the bar business… Read More

Five Popular Cocktails Every Bartender Should Know

Before I worked at One Fat Frog, I was in college. While I was in college, I went to many bars (after I turned 21, of course), and I always thought that working at a bar while in college would be a good way to make some cash. So I asked a bartender during a… Read More

Clean Your Restaurant…All of It!

So when you work for a company called One Fat Frog that happens to sell used restaurant equipment, you have to imagine that we know a thing or two about restaurants. Well, in fact, some of us used to work in restaurants, so when we say things about keeping the place clean and whatnot, we… Read More