American Culinary Federation loves to help tots

One of the things that is so great about the American Culinary Federation is how dedicated they are to helping others, not only through helping others in the food service industry, but also in general philanthropy. A great example was found at the Christmas party for the American Culinary Federation’s Central Florida Chapter. I don’t… Read More

September is Orlando’s Magical Dining Month

So, let’s say you’re a regular reader of the One Fat Frog blog and you live in Orlando, or you’re looking to visit Orlando sometime in the near future. Well, you should make the near future as near as possible, because Orlando will be entering Magical Dining Month. Basically, for the entire month of September,… Read More

One Fat Frog Teams Up with Pathways Drop-In Center

We are getting closer to the holidays, and we all know what that means. For some of us, it means rushing to the travel websites to book the best flight to visit family or friends in other regions of the country or maybe the world. For others, it will be fighting local moms in the… Read More

Students and Chefs Team Up to Help Less Fortunate

Last weekend, chefs from the American Culinary Federation and students from Leesburg, Lake Minneola, East Ridge, and Eustis High School, led by Chefs Dane Gillis and Jeffrey Rotz, banded together to support the Christian Care Center and to help those in need. Chefs and students coming together to help those who are less fortunate is… Read More

Donations Drive for Pathways Drop-In Shelter for the Mentally Ill Homeless

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is holding a donation drive for Pathways Drop-In Shelter for the mentally ill homeless in Central Florida! At either of our locations – Orlando and Sanford – we’ll be accepting donations for the shelter. Items the shelter is specifically looking for are large to x-large tees, blankets, sleeping bags, full-size… Read More

One Fat Huddle; Prepping Food Donations

Huddle up! Our warehouse crew and office crew takes a breather from loading up food for delivery to the Pathways Drop-In Shelter – a place that offers food and services to the mentally ill homeless of Orlando. Our crew spent most of the afternoon there performing repairs, preventative maintenance, and to drop off more food… Read More

Pathways Drop-In Shelter Kitchen Area

Here’s a shot of the kitchen at Pathways Drop-In Center for the mentally ill homeless. Believe us, they get a lot of use out of that 3-compartment sink and while that looks like a bunch of pots and pans, they can always use more! One Fat Frog • 11473 S. Orange Blossom Trail • Orlando,… Read More

Smiling Next to a 6-Burner Range Oven

Here’s one of Pathway’s chef cooking up lunch on their brand new 6-burner range oven. Before we donated the oven, they were cooking on a residential 4-burner oven that wasn’t even strong enough to bring water to a boil. The problem with upgrading their oven was that their power couldn’t handle a commercial grade oven.… Read More

Waste Not Want Not Helps Feed Florida’s Impoverished

Today we learned about a great charity group here in Florida: Waste Not Want Not, Inc. They’re a volunteer-based group of over 170 people that prevents the discarding of food items that can go to the hungry and impoverished in the community. They rescue food daily from different sources, especially bakeries and supermarkets, and distribute… Read More

Let One Fat Frog Give You That Warm, Fuzzy Feeling

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is a lot of things. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is the only restaurant equipment dealer in the nation with its own stalwart in-house finance manager. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is the only restaurant equipment dealer in the state of Florida that offers free delivery to nearly all of Florida. One Fat… Read More

More Donations Off to the Homeless

Here’s some more pics of the recent donations made by Gordon Food Service to the Pathways Homeless Shelter for the mentally ill in Orlando, Florida. Gordon Food Service has been teaming up a lot lately with One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment to make food donations to the Pathways shelter. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has… Read More

More Donations for the Needy From Gordon Food Service

Our good friends at Gordon Food Service have been continuously donating food to the Pathways drop-in center for the mentally ill homeless in Orlando. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has been acting as courier for the food – picking it up at Gordon Food Service and transporting it to Pathways to distribute to the homeless.… Read More

Giving the Homeless Something to Sit On

For years, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has donated foodstuffs, smallwares, and pieces of used restaurant equipment to the Pathways Drop-In Center for the mentally ill homeless in Orlando. Recently One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment donated someplace for them to sit and eat. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment dropped off several tables and chairs for… Read More

More Donations From Gordon’s Foodservice!

The generous folks at Gordon’s Foodservice have donated even more foodstuffs to the Pathways Walk-In Shelter here in Orlando! Check out all that good salad stuff! This food is going to feed a lot of mentally ill homeless people here in Orlando. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment  will be transporting the donations from Gordon’s Foodservice… Read More

More Photos of Food Donations Headed to the Hungry

Last week I told you about the massive amount of food donated by Gordon’s Food Service that One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment was storing before its transport to Pathways Drop-In Shelter for the homeless. Here’s some more photos so you can fully soak in just how much food the selfless Gordon’s donated. Bravo. One Fat… Read More

Huge Donations Made to Orlando Homeless Shelter

Thanks to our dear friends at Gordon’s Foodservice, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment was recently able to donate a tremendous amount of food to the Pathways shelter for the mentally ill homeless in Orlando. Gordon’s donated tons of bananas, fruit, lettuce and other salad goods, and a staggering 400lbs of ground beef! Outstanding! Before transporting… Read More