Dear Office Mates, a will and last testament of sorts

In conversation this letter came up.  It appears the office DJ included Celine Dion in the play list again.  Again!  No more! A team member was threatened with their life if they requested it again (kinda maybe true) and the letter was dictated: Dear Office Mates, I’m sorry for doing this to you all.  I… Read More

Homemade Subway

Apparently, there are a lot of people on the internet who think a sandwich of any kind is a “homemade subway”. And I have proof! (This picture links to a real life tweet about it!) This frog found this Buzzfeed article. And anyone who is anyone knows that Buzzfeed is totally legit. Okay, sometimes it’s… Read More

Love Actually meets One Fat Frog: Frog Actually

Who doesn’t absolutely adore Love Actually? I’ll tell you. Heartless people. Heartless people are the only ones who don’t cry at the Christmas card scene for Juliet. Okay, maybe you aren’t heartless. That was a wittle harsh. But, you should let those tears flow my friend. It’s good for the soul. Need a refresher on… Read More

On the Road Again….

Last night was a magical night for me! My daughter, who is 3, and I were getting ready to fuel up for our Christmas travels and we saw my favorite thing! If you have kids, you know how it works; they want to help you with everything. I wish that was an exaggeration. My daughter… Read More

Phone Chaos

So, if you’ve tried calling us today, you have probably noticed that you couldn’t get through. We apologize. And to make up for it, here is the selfie of the day. Yeah, this is me…seriously. The phones seem to think that Christmas break came early to the Frog. Let me clue you, it did not! At… Read More

Grandma has a Facebook: Cyber-Savvy Grandparents may be the best kept secret.

Patty-Jean sits just inches away from her computer monitor for hours. Every new click is like a revelation to her. Her kids and grandchildren may be scattered throughout the country but thanks to “The Facebook” (as she calls it) this 82 year old’s nest is anything but empty.

Bad Dates – Location Matters!

I know you’ve all been on some pretty bad dates, but I have one to take the cake! There are just some restaurants you don’t take your date to; especially if it’s your first date! Don’t take them to CiCi’s Pizza for the all you can eat buffet, for starters. In fact, don’t do pizza… Read More

Halloween at One Fat Frog

Imagine, there’s one question the universe could ask itself. It could be anything from “How do we end global warming?” to “How do we reach world peace?” These are no doubt great questions but I think the universe would end up asking something a little different. It would go something like, “What is Halloween like at… Read More