Keep These In Mind When Hiring Student Interns for Your Restaurant

Having interns in your workplace, and in this Frog’s case meaning restaurant, your interns can have a lot to learn from your restaurant. But in the world where more students (mainly college students) are trying to grab that internship, it’s important to keep in mind a few guidelines when recruiting student interns.

Excellent Job Descriptions Means Excellent Restaurant Recruitment

Especially in a restaurant setting, each person you hire will be influential in making restaurant service as courteous and seamless as possible. Have one outlier, one chink–and what was supposed to be a Friday night of “Thank Yous” will turn into your nightmare of “I’m Sorry”s. But in order to have a great team in… Read More

10 Incredible Food Scenes from the Movies

1. When Woody Allen and Diane Keaton had some lobster trouble in Annie Hall 2. When Remy got his hands dirty and “taught” Remy how to really cook in Ratatouille. 3. Julia Child (Meryl Streep)’s cooking lessons in Julie & Julia, 4. The prison cooking scene in Goodfellas (NSFW Language) 5. The Food Hydrator from… Read More

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Pack: Refrigeration

Did you like our Pack No.1? This time, we’re covering all about refrigeration. Why? Because if fridges and freezers didn’t exist, then restaurants would likely have to order new supplies every single day. The basic features of your garden-variety fridges and freezers (called reach-ins). What’s inside a fridge? (And we’re talking about the actual technical… Read More

Want to Crowdfund Your Restaurant?

Crowdfunding was a term for dreamers–a term where e-ink watches and a Veronica Mars movie can turn to life. But lately, there has been a different medium where crowdfunding has hit its vibe: Restaurants. And in a few ways, it makes a lot of sense. 1. You Build a Customer Base Right From the Beginning… Read More

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment Pack: Equipment Lists

Nope, we’re not going Buzzfeed here. In fact, we are highlighting some of the lists you’ll need if you are to open certain restaurant concepts. If you are about to open a restaurant for a very first time, you might want to check out some of these lists. Restaurant Concepts: Equipment you need to open… Read More

Top Songs of 2014 – One Fat Frog Edition

Hello Internet! With the new year approaching our internet team here at One Fat Frog decided to put together our list of top songs of 2014! Here’s the deal though, I was warned when I started working here that I would see the world through Restaurant Equipment Lenses…I didn’t believe them it…it happened. So please… Read More