Restaurant Equipment Geeks

I admit it- most of us Frogs are super geeky over restaurant equipment.  You’ll find we do product training with all team members to include even our office support staff.  What does this mean to you?  Well we eat and drink at your establishments because you know food and beverage.  You shop here because our… Read More

Floral Coolers Galore! Walkin, reach in and display!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment and more!  The Frog has been selling floral coolers of different varieties for the past decade.  Need someone with experience in floral coolers and discounted pricing?  Well look no further! A variety of floral refrigeration is what we offer from display coolers, open air coolers, walk in display to walk… Read More

Seasonal menus – Creating a menu to fit your geographical needs

I don’t know about you, but when it’s cold, this frog likes to curl up and drink a nice hot tea or eat a bowl of chili or soup. I also know that this frog is a little too lazy to make chili or soup from scratch, so I’m always looking for some restaurant to fill… Read More

Pizza Prep Tables

I love pizza (almost as much as I love food trucks). I also love when clients come in and tell me about how they make pizza. There is something almost scientific about the perfect pizza crust. You have to cook it at just the right temperature, and cooking pizza dough in Florida is a lot… Read More

Export Import Restaurant Equipment to Caribbean Islands

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment exports to the following island locations. Our export specialists help minimize the stress of importing restaurant and commercial kitchen equipment. Here is just a sample of countries and islands we export to and have previously dealt with: Antigua and Barbuda (Covered by Barbados) Bermuda British Virgin Islands Cayman Islands Curacao… Read More

Spring into the new season with some restaurant equipment

Happy Spring, One Fat Frog lovers! Today is the first day of the new season. What better way to celebrate than to open up that dream restaurant? For all you restaurant entrepreneurs, it might get a little confusing as to where you should purchase your equipment. There’s no question that One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment will… Read More

Restaurant equipment financing with poor credit

Working at One Fat Frog, I have seen it all in terms of financing. I have gotten financing for restaurant entrepreneurs with great credit, those with mediocre credit, and some people with horrendous credit. The key is to be persistent and have the right attitude. There are people out there who think “if I could… Read More

Creating a Restaurant Business Plan, Part 1

We here at One Fat Frog get several clients who come by asking for prices and trying to get an idea of prices. And why do they do that? Because that’s part of their business plan. If you want to start a business, whether it be a restaurant, a bar, a bistro, of what have… Read More

Starting a Food Truck: Part 1

For those of you who haven’t been out of the house in the last decade, you may have noticed that the food truck business has been booming lately. Food trucks are an awesome business as you can basically provide your culinary skills in any location where you want. Of course, starting a food truck can… Read More

Starting a Bakery? Here’s the Equipment You Need

We here at One Fat Frog have a sweet tooth and love things like cakes and muffins and other delicious baked goods. Which is why we want you aspiring bakers to get your very own professional bakeries up and running…so we can raid your stocks and stuff our faces with baked goodies till our stomachs… Read More

List of Equipment Needed for Bar Business Plan

Once you’ve got your location and business plan ready, it’s time to pick out the commercial bar equipment that will lead you to success. Depending on the type of bar you are opening, there is some equipment you may or may not need. There are some key pieces of bar equipment you should always include… Read More