Start a pizza restaurant in Daytona Beach, Free equipment delivery!

Looking to start a pizza place? Live in Daytona Beach, home of Bike Week and the Daytona 500? One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has two locations filled with all of the restaurant equipment & supplies you need to build the best pizzeria in Daytona Beach. Here at One fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, we can help… Read More

Start A Food Truck In Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach’s annual Bike Week is less than a month away (March 9-18). Did you know this is the festival’s 71st year? Bike Week has been a tradition since January 24, 1937 – the inaugural running of the Daytona 200. In its current day incarnation, it has transformed into a 10-day festival, with tons of activities and… Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day

From all of us at One Fat Frog, Happy Valentine’s Day! We just got in a truckload of merchandise, including: deli cases 48s & 72, prep tables 48s & 60, 60 quart Hobart mixer, slicers, stainless steel freezer, glass door coolers, glass door freezer, Hobart undercounter dishwasher, Taylor soft serve, charbroilers, flat griddles, lowboy refrigerated… Read More

Gimme A Holler!

This morning, foureyedfrog and I were checking out the local supermarket for snacks, and lo and behold, my new favorite knock-off brand. Normally, the names they come up with are pretty lame, but MOUNTAIN HOLLER has some flair. It could’ve only been better had they called it MOUNTAIN HOLLA! Sadly, the Bubba Cola we bought… Read More

Texas Sundae Massacre

From the bowels of the internet and the produce aisle of an unnamed Austin, TX supermarket  comes the Texas Sundae Massacre. WITNESS the untamed horror of a banana who brutally tears into ice cream with the power of 1,000 camera flashes! FEAR the banana with a mask made out of… banana… peels. BEHOLD the dinner… Read More