The best part of the job is visiting our favorite clients after opening. What a great meal! Love it! Best regards, Connie Baugher, President One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment -100,000 sq ft of restaurant equipment, hoods, walk ins and food trucks /trailers- 2416 Sand Lk Rd Orlando FL 32809 (407)480-3409 office – sent from my… Read More

Rental of Food Service Equipment Trade Show Props Commercial TV Film

Are you looking for a great new or used piece for actual use at a trade show  or for use at a commercial or tv show shoot?  The Frog can pickup and deliver outside of usual business hours.  Call us on short notice and let’s see what we have on the floor.  Please know that… Read More

Restaurant Equipment Geeks

I admit it- most of us Frogs are super geeky over restaurant equipment.  You’ll find we do product training with all team members to include even our office support staff.  What does this mean to you?  Well we eat and drink at your establishments because you know food and beverage.  You shop here because our… Read More

Dear Office Mates, a will and last testament of sorts

In conversation this letter came up.  It appears the office DJ included Celine Dion in the play list again.  Again!  No more! A team member was threatened with their life if they requested it again (kinda maybe true) and the letter was dictated: Dear Office Mates, I’m sorry for doing this to you all.  I… Read More

Floral Coolers Galore! Walkin, reach in and display!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment and more!  The Frog has been selling floral coolers of different varieties for the past decade.  Need someone with experience in floral coolers and discounted pricing?  Well look no further! A variety of floral refrigeration is what we offer from display coolers, open air coolers, walk in display to walk… Read More

Bar packages

The frog specializes in complete packages -we will start you up. Here is some focus of a recent bar package to include bottle cooler, bar back and kegerator. We also have a considerable amount of use stainless steel liquor displays, bar sinks, bar hand wash thanks, dump stations, ice bins, refrigerators and ice machines.

Master Level Technicians on staff

The Frog is proud to share that we have master level technicians on staff.   Our team of hotline and coldline technicians have 20 to 34 years experience in field.  This means you have someone who is experienced working on this equipment.  It’s not their first rodeo! What’s the value of having an experienced technician?… Read More

When not to self- install restaurant equipment

When not to self-install?  Well, there is a reason One Fat Frog asks our clients use experienced licensed installers… there are several reason and here are just a handful of stories supporting professional install: client comes in with photos of charbroiler flames sky high.  Seems they self-installed gas, don’t understand they need a regulator or… Read More

Baseball Themes for Food Trucks, Restaurants, Bars & Grills

What’s the theme for your restaurant?  Who are you?  It’s important that your theme is echoed across your platform from your business name, to the menu, to branding, to advertising, to visual cues, to server uniforms.  Does the artwork and furniture in your facility follow suit? As Orlando FL is one of the entertainment capitals… Read More

Great Aunt Gertie’s Business Ideas IN STOCK

Bored entrepreneurs of Orlando’s Frog restaurant equipment purveyors will be listing some hot business ideas hereafter for your viewing enjoyment.  Yes, quite frankly, there are many of us out here who find new and used restaurant equipment and startup a hoot.  Have you ever thought of opening the following business for your Great Aunt Gertrude?… Read More