Why simplicity, not more customization, is crucial for your restaurant

Giving patrons exactly what they want is crucial for your restaurant’s success. After all, why bother operating your restaurant if you don’t get what they want? But actually, the reality of the situation is different because you have to consider that a simpler experience, not an a-la-carte experience, will overall improve your restaurant experience. Don’t… Read More

What to take from Manitowoc Foodservice renaming itself as Welbilt Inc.

In what is probably the finishing move to distinguish itself from the crane company of the same name, Manitowoc Foodservice, the company that’s known for Manitowoc (the ice machines), Delfield, Frymaster, Convotherm, and more, is now called Welbilt Inc. ever since the company split off from the same-named crane company last March. And even though… Read More

The craziest predictions about the foodservice industry in 2017 and why they might be possible

Let’s be clear about this. 2016 has been a pretty wild year in the world of restaurants. For example had the whole Chipotle controversy, the new overtime rule going in effect and later judge putting it on hold, the revised Starbucks rewards policy, and Uber delivering food. Since people are already over 2016, what’s going… Read More

Need a way to gauge your patrons’ satisfaction? Use the 7-38-55 rule

These days, there’s an almost insatiable desire to quantify everything. Whether it’s chronological baby name trends, the most common three word combinations Pitbull uses in his songs, and everything you could possible know about the name “John Smith.” But how about your restaurant? While looking at your online reviews is one thing, nothing can be… Read More

Why 2017’s biggest food trend will be the soda tax.

It’s very possible that some of the words that are associated with “soda tax” are something like “progressive” and “groundbreaking.” But while Denmark implemented a similar tax as far back as the 1930s (although it’s been recently repealed), it’s arguably the biggest hot topic discussion in the world of commercial food ever since the Chipotle’s… Read More

Take out the takeout: Why restaurants need to start offering delivery

Right until recently, “delivery” has been about as close to a bad word as it got in the restaurant industry. essentially locked in to some fast-food restaurants and pizza places. But what started with a partnership between Chipotle and Postmates over a year ago, has become what is possibly the fastest-growing part of the restaurant… Read More

Why your restaurant staff might need to know both Imperial and Metric units.

Right now in the United States we’re governed by inches, feet, ounces, pounds, and miles. And while the rest of the world is governed by centimeters, meters, grams, kilograms, and kilometers. Whether one believe it’s true-or-not, there’s one place where, at least ideally, both are used: Restaurants. Here are a couple reasons why if you… Read More

The events you should add to your restaurant’s calendar for October.

This past Thursday was, believe-it-or-not because of the Florida weather, the beginning of Autumn. And what does that mean? Start taking the time, if you haven’t already, to prepare for the events of October. What is perhaps most important about the 10th month, besides Halloween, is that it’s technically the first full month of autumn.… Read More

Why a sandwich prep table is much more useful for your restaurant kitchen than you think.

Whether you’re operating a restaurant, a food truck, or a food trailer, there’s always a good chance that you have a sandwich prep table as a part of your commercial kitchen lineup. But a restaurant kitchen unit like a sandwich prep can be significantly more useful than just making sandwiches. Here are some reasons why… Read More