Love Actually meets One Fat Frog: Frog Actually

Who doesn’t absolutely adore Love Actually? I’ll tell you. Heartless people. Heartless people are the only ones who don’t cry at the Christmas card scene for Juliet. Okay, maybe you aren’t heartless. That was a wittle harsh. But, you should let those tears flow my friend. It’s good for the soul. Need a refresher on… Read More

Santa Baby Sale and End of Year Sale

END OF YEAR BLOWOUT SALE NOW THROUGH JANUARY 1ST Going on now through January 1st, financing and leasing can be used for these units. 72” Beverage air make table, used $999 Choice 48” Federal Open Air cooler, used $899 ANY 50 bottle cooler, used $699 Alto-Shaam Combi Therm Oven 1/2 sheet, single phase used, $2100… Read More

Startup: Hiring Staff For a Restaurant

Starting a restaurant is no easy venture, but this is why Miss Frog is back with some awesome tips to help you out. SO, your restaurant is built and is as fabulous as can be. Now it’s time to fill that baby up with staff so you can really get going. But “Miss Froggy” you… Read More

Returning Customers Rummies & Yummies Brings One Fat Frog Delicious Cakes

A couple of months back we supplied Rummies & Yummies (please like their facebook page!) with restaurant equipment. They immediately won over our hearts that day when they brought us in a delicious rum cake. We finished it in five minutes flat. We aren’t ashamed. It may even be a new world record.

One Fat Frog End of the Year Sale

One Fat Frog has just begun our end of the year sale!  This means all used equipment is on sale! That’s right, I said ALL used equipment. We are gearing up to get in a bunch of equipment in the new year, and we need to sell our current inventory to make room for new… Read More

Row Wars: Restaurant Equipment

The One Fat Frog internet team may just be a wee bit competitive. We decided to start a ‘lil something called “Row Wars”. What is this Row Wars I speak of? Well, you probably know One Fat Frog has been working on creating a current inventory list. But with so much equipment, we needed a… Read More

X-Men: Days of Future Past Quicksilver Scene

Okay, so I was recently watching X-Men: Days of Future Past for probably the 155th time, when something came to me that should come to any restaurant equipment loving person: how really awesome the Quicksilver kitchen scene is. I mean, isn’t it just the best? I had never really taken the time to pay attention to the… Read More

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

Did everyone tune into the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last night? I was at Friendly Confines with some friends and realized it was almost 10pm. I asked my waitress to immediately bring me the check. I needed to get home. This was basically my favorite day of the year. Before I got home I stopped by… Read More

Quick Ship: Walk in coolers, walk in freezers, walk in refrigeraters

We know the holiday season will no doubt bring in a huge number of increased clientele for many businesses, restaurants in particular. People want to have good meals and just enjoy the holiday season with family and loved ones. With this increased amount of clients, you will need to up your food production and storage… Read More

December 1st At One Fat Frog

It’s December 1st at one fat frog and I couldn’t be more excited. First things first, this entire week we will be having a job fair at the frog from 9:45 am to 2pm. I’m super stoked for some new people to be added to the frog family! Right now the frog is looking for a warehouse… Read More

Golden Corral’s 22nd Annual “Helpings From the Heart” Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and help those around us. It’s also a time to enjoy a delicious meal around the dinner table with your family. That being said, there are thousands in the Central Florida area who won’t be able to provide a thanksgiving meal for themselves or their families.

The Future of Restaurants Might Rely on Technology

As tablets increasingly replace servers’ notepads and more (and more) parts of the restaurant are touch-based, it’s becoming harder and harder to ignore that the concept of the good ol’ traditional restaurant is evolving. Pop culture has dictated that the future of eating in a restaurant goes anything from food replicators to food hydrators. But… Read More

Not Going Cold Turkey: Other Cooking Resources for Thanksgiving

With the spirit of Thanksgiving upon us, avoiding the discussion about turkeys and stuffing and the works is almost impossible. From being able to call Butterball turkey experts to the almost-obligatory Charlie Brown special, the amount of available resources are almost daunting. But besides the cooking and the celebrations, there is another, much more serious… Read More

Too Many Frogs

You may have been wondering who works at the Frog? Who just are the magical creatures who help to run our fabulous commercial restaurant equipment warehouse? Well, watch the video to find out. Don’t mind the awkward ending, apparently the girl at the end thought a picture was being taken. One of internet peeps got… Read More