What will be in the food truck of the future? (2017 Edition)

For a couple years now, we covered what might be in the future of food trucks. And as technology is usually the constant of what drives us forward, it’s time to take a look at what might be in the corner in the world of food trucks and food trailers.

Solar-powered food trucks might no longer be novelties

Solar-powered food trucks aren’t anything that new. They’ve definitely been done before in different fashions. But with companies such as Tesla (especially with its recent acquisition of SolarCity), it might be a matter of time before solar-powered food trucks will start to become commonplace.

But it’s not just solar panels that are starting to become a reality. With also advancements in solar energy storage, the dream of giving up that luxury car for solar energy might become a thing of the past.

The food truck rally a new hangout spot for gamers?

With the advent of ever rising wireless internet speed (not to mention incoming 5G, at least abroad anyway), this might just be the opportunity to capture an audience base that have been seldom talked about in the world of foodservice, if at all: Gamers. No not people that do this kind of gaming, but THIS kind of gaming. Although the thought of a table full of laptops might scare some, know that these people will eat, game, and eat, and game as well. With a stable and fast Wi-Fi connection, people who play pro eSports might have incentives to eat out big.

A meal kit food truck might become a reality

Thanks to companies such as Blue Apron, Plated, HelloFresh, and Home Chef— meal kit services have been a new force for the ever-busy American who may simple don’t have time to cook a homemade meal but are unwilling to settle for TV dinners. But the big problem with meal kits services is that it takes time. You have to wait to get your meals. But why wait when you an go to a food truck rally and get how many ever you need?