If nothing else for your social media, then Instagram

Taking a picture of food with a smartphone camera

It used to be that Facebook and Twitter were the titans of the social media industry. It was pretty much understood that you couldn’t really run a business without a presence on Facebook and Twitter. But now that Instagram has a monumental 700 million user base (which by the way, is more-than-double Twitter’s), that may be a sign that you have to realign how you manage your social media. This doesn’t mean that you should abandon your Twitter account, but here are the reasons why Instagram is now a more powerful social media platform than other platforms.

Instagram copied Snapchat and made it better

Remember back when Instagram launched Instagram Stories? For many people, it seemed clear that Instagram stole what’s best of Snapchat and implemented its own functions on it. And guess what? It worked so well that Snapchat’s growth spurt ended pretty quickly. And with the recent implementation of ads into Instagram Stories, this gave companies opportunities to capitalize on the Instagram Stories audience, Instagram was able to bring a  platform-within-a-platform to a whole new level.

Twitter made good decisions too late and made really mad decisions as well

Twitter handles no longer included in the 140 character count for replies?

Twitter just implementing its in-house live video capabilities?

Twitter streaming Thursday Night Football (and subsequently losing the rights to Amazon in the process)?

Some would say that these decisions could have cemented Twitter’s social media domination that it once enjoyed, but with doing too-little-too-late and a streak of incredibly bad decisions (like its IPO and its role in the GamerGate scandal) plus its streak of top execs that left Twitter last year, paved the road for other social media companies such as Instagram and Snapchat to take initiative.

Facebook’s buying Instagram back in 2012 remains a legendary move in social media acquisitions

It may seem second-nature now but it was all the way back in 2012 when Facebook bought Instagram, and the reaction was bewildering. First of all, the core audiences were different. Second, its intended uses were different. Third, Instagram was entire dependent on mobile.

But thinking back, this is a win-win situation for both Facebook and Instagram. For Facebook, this meant much easier sharing for pictures, more exciting ways to share pictures and videos, and more.

But for Instagram, there was one, but very huge big: The presence of Facebook’s massive audience. That alone was the start of Instagram’s massive rise in popularity.]

If you don’t have an Instagram account, start doing so yesterday

If you think you’ve done everything you can on social media, then think again, because Instagram is the new and coming player in town. This not only gives your employees an opportunity to gain other skills on the job, but you gain new audiences.