Everything I learned about booze & cigarettes I learned from the back of the house

Yes, it’s true. Everything I learned about booze and cigarettes I learned from the back of the house.

My first restaurant job was at a fly in resort in the middle of nowhere Montana. I lucked out, my mom’s best friend’s daughter was the kitchen manager and did all the hiring for front of the house.

So here I was at 15 working jack and tray service in the fine dining center of an exclusive golf resort. I also did a lot of banquet work during this time.

I began to notice a pattern. If you have a cigarette in your mouth and were standing by the back door you were obviously taking a break. If the floor manager came out and needed someone to help they would pull the person who did not have a cigarette in their mouth.

How I ended up a non-smoker despite this is a miracle. I tried for a while to take a break and just hold on and left a cigarette in my mouth while standing by the back door. Despite my best efforts this did not work too well.