The craziest predictions about the foodservice industry in 2017 and why they might be possible


Let’s be clear about this. 2016 has been a pretty wild year in the world of restaurants. For example had the whole Chipotle controversy, the new overtime rule going in effect and later judge putting it on hold, the revised Starbucks rewards policy, and Uber delivering food. Since people are already over 2016, what’s going to happen in 2017? Let’s find out what might happen in 2017 and why it’s possible.

And just a reminder, they’re just predictions, none of us Frogs are fortune tellers.

Chipotle might get bought out

The once shining light of the fast-casual world seems, to forgive the pun, fading quickly. With nonstop losses throughout the year, it’s a possibility that it’s only a matter of time until some investment firm (or possibly even a restaurant company buys Chipotle’s assets so that the ubiquitous chain doesn’t fall off the rest of the earth. And in fact while this isn’t Chipotle’s first major health outbreak, the one that happened was so significant that every restaurant closed for a mandatory food safety meeting.

Let’s hope that its sister burger chain Tasty Made will make some progress.

Beyond Meat could become an enormous success

This may sound pretty obvious for the average vegetarian, but besides LaCroix Sparking Water, it’s not always easy to penetrate a new brand to the nationwide audience of groceries. However, Beyond Meat, the brand that gave you the bleeding vegetarian burger patties, has a strong chance to become the big player in the grocery market. Although it’s hitting shelves in select Whole Foods, 2017 will be the year that the constantly-growing vegetarian market. It’s either that or the continual reliance on Tofurky.

Waffle House offers delivery

Outside of pizza chains, not a lot of big restaurant chains took advantage of meal deliveries this year. But there could be one chain, one chain that could open the floodgates to the possibility that restaurants seriously have a lot to gain from joining the delivery bandwagon:

Waffle House.

Yes, the same Waffle House which FEMA relies on, the same Waffle House that was recently proud to announce it will be open on Christmas and New Year’s, would have the biggest to gain from going big on delivery. They are already testing it via Postmates in Atlanta, GA and Decatur, GA